How The Soul Says Goodbye

By Nayaswami Narayan A friend of our friend recently passed away from Covid-19. I suspect at this point in the pandemic many of us know someone who has lost a loved one. Needless to say, our friend was grieving when he heard the news. Enrique, our friend’s friend, was not just a casual acquaintance. He knew him for over forty years. They grew up together, worked together, and laughed together. He described Enrique as “kind, loving, and not attached to … Read More

Paul Fetler

Leaving the Dock

Dad would have that spark in his eyes on certain weekends; the peninsula harbor, winds, and white caps were calling him. We headed towards the nearest harbor, with the white tarp-covered boat attached with rattling wheels behind our car. Looking out the backseat window, I often daydreamed about places I would rather be, like the local  miniature golf course. We started going to the sailing docks when I was about nine or ten years old.   On windy days the motorless … Read More


When I was young, I explored drugs in an attempt to find more meaning in life. One night, a friend gave me a little pill that led to an experience of such profound unconditional love that I knew deep inside it was more than just a drug-induced feeling.  Later that night, as I was coming off the high, I desperately tried to hold onto that unconditional love that was bursting from my heart. It was waning and I thought about … Read More

How to Overcome Dry Spells in Meditation

Have you ever experienced a dry spell in your meditation practice? Recently, I started to notice that my meditations were becoming increasingly difficult.  What was the problem? I didn’t realize until I found the answer. One day before meditation, I randomly opened up The Essence of Self-realization to this excerpt: “While meditating, don’t concentrate on the results of meditation. Meditate, rather, to please God. If you seek results, you will be disappointed if they don’t come. “In the Bhagavad Gita, … Read More

Joy in Acceptance

The secret of inner peace is accepting things as they are… ~Paramhansa Yogananda People have always asked my maternal grandmother Joan, or Popo as I called her, how she was able to keep her joy-filled, happy-go-lucky attitude throughout her 100 some-odd years of life on this problem-ridden Earth. Most attributed it to good genes, and perhaps there is some truth to that, but after she left her body peacefully 2 weeks ago, it is clear to me that her joy … Read More

Lost and Found

Suddenly dirty-grey clouds of thick smoke were oozing out of our gas heating vent. “There’s a fire!” a neighbor yelled outside. Carefully, I picked up our elderly orange tabby Elmer. My spouse Willie and I briskly stepped onto the common walkway of the heating up apartment complex, and safely down cement steps to the street. Blazing orange and golden yellow flames in dancing shapes went sideways out of windows and pierced through the roof of the 1950’s apartment building that … Read More

Divine Delight

Have you ever experienced highway hypnosis? This is a trance-like state while you are driving a car responding to external events in the expected, safe manner with no recollection of doing so. You arrive in your driveway and think, “How did I get home?” Advertisers are aware of this phenomenon and that’s why they use billboards to advertise to a “captive” highway audience.  Here is a funny example of two billboards right next to each other. Would you be more … Read More

Overcomplicating Simple Living

Swami Kriyananda tells a story in The New Path about how he traveled to Mexico in his youth in hopes of connecting with a simpler way of life. He learned to make do with only ten dollars a month! He shares what foods he ate in order to save money and even how he rationed portions of dessert to not feel deprived.  A big lesson he shares through this experience is that we can over-complicate even simple living. He was … Read More

Joy in Stillness

It’s been two weeks since I met Doug in California’s High Sierra Mountains, and the encounter is still rippling out to the furthest reaches of my being. I suppose in retrospect, ever since reading Paramhansa Yogananda’s quote, “You must stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds,” I’ve been searching for a way to do just that; now watching the Pacific waves crash onto shore, I feel my search has ended. Good thing too, since the world seems to be … Read More

Divine Nature in the City 

I felt like I was stuck inside someone’s living science fiction novel with pages that were forcefully scratched, erased, whole lives torn out, rewritten new scenarios, and cliffhangers. Who could have foretold the historic life pages that brought the world to a screeching halt within the last year and a half?  How overnight, countless lives would be uprooted on the global stage and businesses frozen in their tracks? In the microcosm of my own life, the momentum of an amusement-park … Read More