You Are Always Something More

Jan 31, 2023

What can I say to you who know our holy inner way of awakening? I was asleep. Out of nowhere, She electrified my life with the divine shock-ti that awoke in me Her love. Then She brought me to commune with Her through your eyes, your kinds, your friendships divine.

She lit the way. A light to light our way, “Truth is the light so wise men say” to follow through dark times and delusion’s sway. We follow hope’s way!

What is that way, our way of awakening? It is light divine which redefines our being in this space and time into Her One river of love, His ocean of bliss, Thy torrential downpour of grace with which our lives become perfected.

“Ahhh, friendship….nurtured art thou in endless love.”

How are we so close? How do we know the knowing beyond the knows? “We met here because we met before.” Though our hearts may ache with the illusion of parting’s wake, our hearts spake: “We are moving toward Thee, Thy vast unthrobbing heart stake.”

Mother, receive our devotion, awaken that calm emotion that moves us in Thee, to Thee, Thee, Only Thee. Where we say, “You, You, You…” like a madman to his imaginary “coo, coo, coo” bird. We “coo” to Thee! Swim in Thy sea! We go to throb in Thee! As our Master says, “Peace like an ocean heaves in me.”

So sigh high, heave, and die in our Friend of Friends! He awaits us until the end of time and beyond, between splitting the differences of us all, straight down the middle–He shoots us all! A straight shooter! Go straight to God, don’t be neutral! Hang in the fight, win the battle of life! Strive with all Thy might. Onward, upward, and ever sing His name and get all drunk oh, in the name of nameless.

Need I say more?

Relax upward and find…

Yes, you are always something more!


Poem by Nayaswami Narayan