What’s in a Miracle…Part One 

Mar 21, 2022

by Dharana Villalvazo

A few days ago I visited Ananda Village, one of my favorite places in the world. I was there to get some work done at a property that we have been renovating. I left Los Angeles early on Tuesday, got to the village in the middle of the day, and worked for the rest of the day. At 7pm my brother David and I went to Home Depot in Auburn (about an hour from the Village) to pick up some needed materials. While there, we were going back and forth trying to decide where to stay for the night. As we were leaving, David (who's not on this path) made a comment that made me think of my friend, Gloria Ramirez (who lives at the Village), so I decided to text her. 

A couple of hours later, as we were grabbing food, Gloria texted back. It was around 9pm and she invited us to her home. We warned her that it was four of us and we would likely not arrive until after 10, but she insisted we visit. 

We finally arrived at Gloria’s house, enjoyed food and satsang (good company) with our friend. At which point, I started asking myself, “why was I thinking of not seeing anyone. I’m at the village of all places.”

For the last few weeks, I’ve been stuck in a whirlpool of activity and got trapped in “doing” mode. While I’m going at 100 miles per hour, my tendency is not to stop and smell the roses, or stop and appreciate good friends, and many other things. But Master's hand was at play. So I got to spend time with Gloria. And David, who is an A/C expert, got to help Gloria with some nuisance in the heating system, for which she was incredibly grateful. 

In the morning we had breakfast and meditated at her house. Before we went off to work again, Gloria confided, “Just yesterday morning I had asked Babaji, “What are you going to do with this nuisance in the heating system? And guess what? God sent someone to fix it.” The funny thing is she has countless stories just like this. Each might sound like an ordinary story, if it weren’t for her childlike awe of God through which she perceives Him in the smallest things. 

A little later that morning while working, I thought of my dear friend, Atman, whose opinion I respect tremendously.  I knew he had an impending trip out of the country the next day, so I called him to see if he could spare some time before leaving. He picked up and I shared some fun news about the HOA in Temecula (our farm and retreat center), which he always gives me great advice about, amongst other things. We decided to meet for lunch at Master’s Market. 

I ended up getting there before he did and proceeded to pick up sandwiches for the four of us working at Guru Shanti. The first person I saw when I walked in is another good friend, Badri. We got to talk and it was awesome because I had been wanting to connect with him, even if it was just for a short conversation. 

I was still waiting for Atman when I saw this wonderful, light-filled lady wearing a face mask going into the post office. We waved at each other but I wasn’t sure who it was. Right at that time, my friends Shyama and Dhyan were coming from the post office towards me. We proceeded to greet each other. And just as I was about to embark on one of my long conversations with plenty of colorful, fun-filled, life wisdom about self-driving cars, LA traffic, survival stories and such, Nayaswami Devi walks out of the post office; she says, “I didn’t recognize you, but I thought it was you” as if saying, “I knew you were a known soul.” We proceeded to exchange a beautiful hug and I was also able to connect with Nayaswami Jyotish as well. 

At that point, we were engaged in a hearty conversation as I was about to finally embark on my colorful, fun-filled, life wisdom on self-driving cars, LA traffic, survival stories and such, when Atman arrived and parked next to their car. We all greeted each other and, afterwards, Atman and I proceeded to the table area outside the market. Just as I was getting ready to embark yet again (or try) on my colorful, fun-filled, hard-earned life wisdom about self-driving cars, LA traffic, survival stories and such, I saw Nayaswami Pranaba walking towards the market. He casually walked towards our table and joined the conversation.

To the joyful content of my heart, Pranaba and Atman, at last, indulged me and I was able to unload my ever-so-mentioned survival stories!

After Pranaba left and I finished my meeting with Atman, I proceeded to finish a wonderful day of work. Feely newly uplifted, I realized that I had seemingly, accidentally, met with some of my most favorite people in the world. I felt so blessed that I was allowed to be in their energy and magnetism.

The thought came to me… could this be a miracle? Could this be God through Master’s hand at play, as it always is

And as I take that reflection further in my heart and mind, I can realize God and Master’s hand in so many other things. I see His hand in everyday actions of love, in everyday actions of kindness - either in my heart toward others or other's hearts toward me. 

I also realized that whereas in more recent times my life has more and more consciously been dedicated to God, in my younger years it wasn’t necessarily so. And yet, Divine Mother has always been there. Even for those of us who don’t call on her everyday. 

I wonder… Can a flower blossom without permission from Divine Mother? 

Can an inert body regain life if Divine Mother sends life force through that body once again?

Do we need events to be “life-altering” to think that God’s hand is always at work? Or can we see Divine Mother’s or Master’s hand in a friend’s - or a stranger’s - sincere smile or “I love you”? How about in a flower or fruit’s sincere offering, its fragrance and taste?

What is in a miracle, if not Divine Mother’s hand? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could be receptive to knowing and accepting that every moment could be a miracle, extraordinary or not?

We can never know or be sure of Divine Mother’s plan is in every single event that happens (or doesn’t). But we can be sure that She is there. And, just as my dear friend Nayaswami Narayan often says, “The energy is intelligent”. And so, I believe it has a plan for you and me. 

With renewed commitment and dedication to doing my best to see Divine Mother and Master in everything, everyone, and in every circumstance....

In Divine Mother's and Master's love,