Tuning In

Jan 03, 2022

by Sherry Chow

In the beginning was the Word…”  John 1:1

And all emanates from this original Divine vibration. 

In this week since Christmas leading up to yesterday’s Sunday service, tuning into the Christ Consciousness has been part of our awareness, whether consciously and intentionally or simply through the spirit of the season. During this time we tend to take stock of where we’ve been and, with hope, of where we’re headed, a simultaneous review and commencement. Here in southern California, much-needed rains came during the last days of 2021, a literal cleansing in preparation for the glorious first days of the new year. 

Amidst the rain, we glittered with Yogananda’s vibration through his chants, having an impromptu kirtan with a monk passing through. The energy escalated with more chants on New Year’s Eve, then a sunburst of Divine Love at the Festival of Light service, as if ushering in a renewed promise of attunement.

And all strings

Which are touched in Love

Must sound

~Mechthild of Magdeburg

Breaking bread after the kirtan, we talked about the marvelous phenomenon of musical harmony and the power of music as a vehicle for the Divine. Another devotee mentioned how satisfying it was to sing in tune with each other. There is indeed a specific feeling when one is in perfect musical harmony with others. When close enough, the notes seem to attract each other until they sink into their harmony, and the musicians realize they are only channels to a greater music at play. 

In my personal experience, this feeling of sinking (and syncing) into musical harmony is quite similar to that of being completely in the present moment. Athletes and musicians call it “the zone,” when they fall into place with everything, and yogis consciously cultivate being in “the zone” all the time, as a constant state of being. For in this state, the Divine inner bliss in everyone’s heart may blossom and flourish.

Attunement means also listening for the guru’s inner guidance, in your heart…” ~Paramhansa Yogananda

The Satsang then naturally went to general attunement with God and guru and we all wondered how dissonant the world must sound to them right now! But there is a growing yearning to be in tune; may we all fulfill our promise and attune to our Divine souls and act as brighter beacons to truth seekers everywhere, so the world may burst into its Divine symphony and fulfill its promise too.

Never forget the true Source of power in yourself, and in all that you see around you.” ~Paramhansa Yogananda