His Grassy Nook

Sep 18, 2022

by Ryan Panaro

What happens at the intersection of serendipity through old friend connections, avant-garde agriculture, indie filmmaking, and an inexplicably close new soul friend relationship? As in all attempted explanations of the Divine, the true essence is ineffable to describe and beyond wondrous to experience.

Through a long chain of events spanning at least 16 years and including my being handed Autobiography of a Yogi, I was recently blessed with a spontaneous private tour of a relatively famous regenerative farm.  This was something my heart had desired for many years so I had built high expectations in my mind. Such thoughts are often unwise and lead to the underwhelm of disappointment.  But not this time.

The outer sights, sounds, smells, and touches of the farm were more spectacular than I could have imagined. (And I already knew the tastes to be top notch!)  I felt enraptured by the natural wonder of it all. 🌿🐓🐑
Perhaps this was meditation-born heightened perception.

What impressed upon me most was the serene feeling of peace and harmony within the plants, the livestock, and the wildlife. So many multitudinous varieties of flora and fauna flowing and working together in God's grand design. It all just feels so right and so complete. 🏵️🐝
Perhaps it was also enhanced by the magic of the situation through my soul-felt connection with my companion.

"Spirit and Nature dancing together." 🦚

Yet this world is not perfect. My generous and kind-hearted new friend also shared with me some of her struggles on the farm. And they were all very familiar to me as things often encountered by those living the spiritual path!

Whenever people try to make an actual difference to the status quo, there are always strange challenges and resistance. This has been true throughout history. Those who are in the change-making trenches have the toughest time and are the true unsung heroes of any movement.

Please take heart that all our efforts, every day, really do have a positive impact which reaches further than we can immediately recognize. And know that by bearing the "burdens," we gain strength and wisdom at a pace much faster than usual.  And these are rewards that far outweigh money or anything else the world can provide. It is soul growth that ultimately leads us to be happier people unconditional to our circumstances.  And that is True Wealth which few people ever achieve.

It allows us to experience things like a magically beautiful evening spontaneously in the middle of the week:

Appreciation of the glorious view of dynamic orchards from an elevated pasture at sunset. 🌱🌄

The enjoyment of a book in a hammock between native trees. 📘🌳

The childlike Joy of running through sprinklers in the tall grass! 🏃🏽‍♂️💦

The deep peace and contentment in the coo of life-mated doves. 🕊️🕊️

Pure wonder at the deeply gorgeous eyes of a seemingly simple "messy" creature. 🐖

The sweet gentle kissing and cuddling of cows that will melt your heart. 🐮🐄

These exquisite moments of awe accompanied by inner stillness of heart are what life is truly about. And the more we can live in that presence, the more we can live in Love. Because who lives eternally at the intersection of ALL things and experiences?

God, God, God.

May we always remember. 🙏🏼💚ॐ

"God responds to a sincere call from the heart.

   'A humble magnet call,
   a whisper by the brook,
   on grassy altar small –
   there I have My nook.'"

—Paramhansa Yogananda