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Learning to Listen

by Dharmadevi Romano As I went for my third helping of delicious Malaysian cuisine at one of our favorite local restaurants, Yogananda’s voice whispered in my ear, “Maybe you’ve had enough.” I recalled reading the Master’s words about overeating being the root of many diseases. Since it was literally the night before that I had  …read more

I Live Without Fear

by Narayan Romano Once upon a time a demon was terrorizing a village in India. A holy man from the village summoned the demon and ordered the demon to leave his people alone. Three weeks later 300 people died. The holy man called the demon back to him and said, “Hey, I thought I told  …read more

Look Fear In The Face

by Keshava Betts “Every day is a fresh opportunity on the part of the human ego to gather more and more exploits of heroism. Meet everybody and every circumstance on the battlefield of life with the courage of a hero and the smile of a conqueror.” – Paramhansa Yogananda Someone asked me yesterday, “What do  …read more

The Relationship Gap

by Dharmadevi Romano As you practice Paramhansa Yogananda’s meditation techniques with sincerity and devotion, your life begins to shift dramatically. It’s easy to understand scientifically – by consciously running energy up and down the spine, you are increasing the magnetic field surrounding it (i.e. your aura). Increasing your aura means that it is becoming bigger,  …read more

Energization: The Energizer Bunny (Part II)

For Part I (June 28, 2016), click here. By Keshava Betts I have now been practicing the energization exercises six times a day for six months. It’s been an adventure, and one that I am incredibly grateful to be on. Doing the exercises with such intensity and regularity has taught me some valuable lessons that  …read more

The Greatest Healer of All

By Lovelight Michelle Morovaty Over the last few days, I had been experiencing muscle tightness along my upper back due to a pinched nerve in my neck. These were caused by herniated disks in my cervical spine, and exacerbated by the emotional distress that came with the unfortunate news regarding two of my friends’ serious,  …read more

Overcoming Oversensitivity

By Dharmadevi Romano Los Angeles is a breeding ground for oversensitivity. In a big city, you are constantly barraged by loud noises, foul smells, and disturbing sights. The nervous system gets overloaded and we find ourselves taking out our oversensitivity on others. We may find temporary relief in believing that others are the cause of  …read more

Follow Your Bliss

Directional Development At Its Best by Narayan Romano The other day Dharmadevi and I met with a young woman who was majoring in psychology. I asked her what she found interesting about psychology. She responded, “It explains everything. It shows that everything has a reason.” Her response got me thinking; what is my purpose and  …read more

Just Say “Yes!”

Discovering my definition of success by Jennifer Duke Working on the new Thousand Oaks center, I’ve been thinking about the many ways people measure success. I couldn’t avoid these thoughts because they were closely tied to my fear of failing at this project. “Would I be able to serve purely? Am I inappropriate for the  …read more

Make Me Fervent For Thee

by Narayan Romano May my fervor for Thee increase Like the silent snow on a winter night’s storm Like the hush rush of wind through trees Unheard but known by Thee. May my fervor for Thee explode! Like a supernova after trillions of years collecting devotional dust Into a brilliant shooting star Ever moving towards  …read more