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“He Is The Cleverest…”

by Narayan Romano I recently began to re-read The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis. If you have not read it you are in for an inspirational treat like none other. Paramhansa Yogananda had given this book to Swami Kriyananda and others for Christmas. When Swami Kriyananda thanked his Guru, the Master said, “This  …read more

Speed Limit Driver

by Kathy Varie If you are driving in LA you probably don’t want to be driving behind me. I drive the speed limit – well, almost absolutely. I may go 5 miles or so over (in this case it was 4). But I’m really committed to not getting a ticket, and to being a safe  …read more

Willing to Be Right

by Dharmadevi Romano Last week we attended Spiritual Renewal Week at Ananda Village. It was a week filled with inspirational talks each morning by speakers who have dedicated their lives to Self-realization. Each evening was a unique expression of divine art – from a concert of Swami Kriyananda’s music to a performance of his play  …read more

Granddaughter’s Visit

by Kathy Varie After a wonderful visit this summer, my granddaughter, Maya went back home to South Carolina and a very big challenge began for me. I am aware of having a very strong desire to be close with my family. It’s an attachment and a very strong one which causes me great discomfort and  …read more

Tenderest Mercy

by Keshava Betts I had the supreme blessing to meditate in Swami’s apartment while I was at Ananda Village for Spiritual Renewal Week. My meditation was very nice, the spiritual vibrations in the apartment were clearly tangible. After I finished my techniques, I was sitting in the silence, offering my love to God. Normally I  …read more

Distraction, My Great Enemy!

by Narayan Romano Last night I had an interesting dream. In my dream I was sitting on a square asana pad about to meditate. I felt my consciousness drawing deeply inward to my spine as I was about to practice Kriya Yoga. Intuitively, I knew I was about to have a deep experience of God.  …read more

The Missing Link

What Hatha Yoga Did Not Give Me “It takes very, very, VERY good Karma even to want to know God.” –Paramhansa Yogananda by Mai Lee In 2008, I, similarly like many of you, walked into an Ananda Meditation Center seeking refuge from an overly demanding work life. Although I was already a seasoned hatha yoga practitioner,  …read more

Realization Revolution

by Narayan Romano During a recent meditation class one of our students asked, “How do you deal with all the negativity in the world today?” She was really asking, “Why is this world so screwed up? Where is God? If there is a God, this must be his sadistic hobby!” I’m sure we’ve all asked  …read more

Divine Mother at The Gas Station

by Kathy Varie Ending a 4 day seclusion retreat at Ananda Desert Retreat in 29 Palms last December, I began the 3 1/2 hour drive home needing to get gas. The last full day of my seclusion was so peaceful and meaningful, I was already feeling a change in energy, just getting on the road  …read more