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Harbor Heart Of All

by Narayan Romano I’d like to be your intimate. This is not an invitation as you usually come unannounced,  searing onto the scene of my heart, purifying it of pride and callousness. Cleansing my mind of indifference and lethargy. Your hand of suffering caresses me—melting my ego’s hard crust. More a hammer blow than a  …read more

The Guru’s Effort On Our Behalf

by Dharmadevi Romano Let me start by giving Paramhansa Yogananda’s equation for the spiritual path. He said that finding God is 25% the devotees self-effort, 25% the Guru’s effort on his behalf, and 50% the Grace of God. I believe Yogananda was so specific with this equation because of past misunderstandings about Grace versus self-effort.  …read more

Summer’s Creations

by Akemi Rico The summer solstice is the beginning of summer, of long warm days and lazy evenings. If we were farmers, we would be tending our fields all summer in hopes of a bountiful harvest. It is also a time of relaxation and letting go… Letting small seedlings planted in spring unfurl their leaves  …read more

Divine Love Sorrows

by Narayan Romano When was the last time you cried? During my father’s funeral I cried like a baby. I found solace in a song we sang at his funeral called “Shepherd me, O God.” The refrain is quite simple: Shepherd me, O God, beyond my wants, beyond my fears, from death into life. My  …read more

Vacationing with Krishna

by Kolleen Mailloux My husband and I, both history buffs, were getting ready for a “once in a lifetime” Mediterranean cruise, with stops at lovely ancient ports and opportunities to enjoy wonderful old churches and to feel the vibrations of hundreds of years of worship and devotion. For a few months before the trip, I  …read more

Suppression Vs Self-Control

by Dharmadevi Romano Last Saturday, the topic of suppression came up (as it always does) during our class on Brahmacharya, or non-sensuality. Suppression usually has a lot of complexities and misunderstandings surrounding it. Here is a helpful definition of suppression given by Swami Kriyananda in Rays of the Same Light: “Suppression means to refrain from  …read more

Divine Mother’s Miracle

Joy of Sharing Original Watercolor by Nayaswami Mantradevi LoCicero by Mai Lee Today I was able to be a channel for Divine Mother. She asked me to send a donation as a gift on Her behalf. This experience was more to assure me that She has always provided for me whether I knew it or  …read more

The End in Mind

Memorizing Samadhi by Narayan Romano Have you ever lost a loved one? At the beginning of this year, my father passed away suddenly. I could feel myself subtly slipping from mourning into melancholia. In fact, strange as it sounds there was a part of me that wanted to sink into that depressed state. I was  …read more

When “Why ME?” Works

by Dharmadevi Romano Not long ago I was met with a particularly difficult test. I realized there was no way I could see it impersonally. Yogananda said, “Circumstances are neutral,” but I just couldn’t get there. I was standing totally shaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds. One thing I was able to do was to see  …read more

A Heavenly Perspective

by Nayaswami Ramani Peterson There is a story of God, solving a problem from up above. He was lonely. He was the only ONE, yearning for entertainment and company. So He decided to fashion some people and watch the story. He had only Himself to create from, so He vibrated and formed people from Him-Self,  …read more