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The New Ananda LA App Has Launched!

We invite you to download the app and get a 15% discount on your next boutique or class purchase. Through the app, you can easily: Check class schedule Tune in to Community Forum Watch Sunday Service and much more! Download on the App Store Download Android App on Google Play

The Secret to Happiness

When I was in college I recall having a conversation with a classmate about the true meaning of happiness. She said, “Happiness & success must be more than making money and getting ahead.” I agreed with her, but did not know where to find true happiness. I searched in the world, through success, through friends.  …read more


I’m a very busy woman! I work hard. I eat healthy. I exercise. I meditate. I watch inspirational videos on facebook and youtube! I have several creative ventures that I put time and energy into. I clean my home. I do laundry. I wash dishes. I sweep and mop the floors. I don’t have any  …read more

Kriya Yoga: The Inner Pilgrimage

When we were in Varanasi, I began to read a book about holy rudraksha beads. Rudrakshas are known to be the “tears of Lord Shiva”. Where do they come from? According to legend a demon was tormenting the earth and the heavens; killing and plundering everywhere. Indra, king of the heavens, along with some humans  …read more

Kumbha Mela & Subway in the Same Day

Monday, February 8th, 2016 India is a land of grave contrasts. Poverty and pollution mix with some of the sweetest and strongest saints that have ever touched the earth. Ancient keys to awakening through yoga science mingle with modern day materialism and mega malls! Yesterday we drove in a bus six plus hours from Delhi  …read more

Prayer for World Peace and Harmony‏

Dear Ones, 2016 is already a year full of challenges. Worldwide events and movements, natural and man-made, indicate changes and disruptions on many levels, for now and in the near future. Recently Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi, our Spiritual Directors, asked us to launch a united campaign throughout Ananda based on Master’s “peace and harmony” prayer.  …read more

“Earthen Vessels” — A Sign from God

My earthly father, Joseph Henry Romano, passed away suddenly on January 2nd. Growing up whenever someone died in our family, it was custom to ask for a sign from God that their soul was at peace. I don’t know if this was an Italian thing, a Catholic thing, or a combination. Surely, we all want  …read more