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Divine Mother at The Gas Station

by Kathy Varie Ending a 4 day seclusion retreat at Ananda Desert Retreat in 29 Palms last December, I began the 3 1/2 hour drive home needing to get gas. The last full day of my seclusion was so peaceful and meaningful, I was already feeling a change in energy, just getting on the road  …read more

Channeling Creativity

by Keshava Betts I love stories. I love telling them, creating them, and sharing them. There is something profound that happens when a good story is told – it stirs something in the listener, an old remembrance perhaps, or a feeling. It has become more and more apparent to me how important it is, therefore,  …read more

The Cell Phone Yama: Developing Good Habits

by Narayan Romano. Have you experienced the electronic invasion on your inner peace? Maybe before your sadhana (spiritual practice) you check your cell phone for text messages and emails? Earlier this year I got into the insidious habit of checking the phone before my morning meditation. I noticed my meditations had started to become more  …read more

Tithing: A Testimonial

by Keshava Betts. I began tithing at a young age. When I was 7 years old I won a local music competition and was awarded a startling $75! I barely knew what to do with it. When I got the check, my mother took me home, and introduced me to the practice of tithing. She  …read more

Hit by The Hammer of Truth

by Keshava Betts. I have always been impressed with the power of truth – specifically in spoken word. I never have liked lying because it always felt as if I were belittling myself. I felt that when I did lie, it was because I was hiding something, or in some way unwilling to meet reality.  …read more

Attracting Your Soul-Mate

by Dharmadevi Romano I moved to Los Angeles in 2007 from Georgia. I was leaving not only my small hometown, but also my family, and my first marriage. This was my first time living in a big city and the first time I’d been single in a long time. I was interested in becoming a  …read more

Energization, The Energizer Bunny

by Keshava Betts For some of you who may not know, I began an intensive Energization practice back in the beginning of May. I got the idea in April when I was required to work intensely long hours on a movie set, sometimes as long as 29 hours. I was working as a stuntman, and  …read more

Thy Healing Presence

My experience in Divine Will Healing by Kathy Varie Last week, I had an experience in Divine Will Healing. Recently, while visiting my family in South Carolina, I developed a sore throat that turned into a chest cold. It was gradually getting better, then suddenly the sore throat came back and this time it was  …read more

Harbor Heart Of All

by Narayan Romano I’d like to be your intimate. This is not an invitation as you usually come unannounced,  searing onto the scene of my heart, purifying it of pride and callousness. Cleansing my mind of indifference and lethargy. Your hand of suffering caresses me—melting my ego’s hard crust. More a hammer blow than a  …read more