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The Redeeming Light

The old and new testament along with other great scriptures have countless references to light, many of them not as mankind is used to seeing it. How are we supposed to understand these references to light? For example, from Matthew 6:22 “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single,  …read more

Salutations to the Sun!

This Sunday June, 21st is not only the first international day of yoga but also the summer solstice. What a fitting day to celebrate union with the Divine–the longest day of the year! It’s a beautiful allegory for the spiritual path and the awakening light within our own consciousness. It reminds me of an affirmation  …read more

“A Tiny Bubble of Laughter…”

Dear Friends, We just returned from a deeply inspiring weekend at Ananda Village for the dedication of the “Moksha Mandir”. On top of that today, May 19th, is Swami Kriyananda’s birthday! Nayaswamis Jyotish & Devi share a beautiful birthday blessing to Swami Kriyananda video. With the help of friends worldwide, a temple called the “Moksha  …read more

Freedom Through Disconnection

Smart phone, laptop, desktop, Mac, PC, iPad, iPod, television, telephone, microwave, radio, car, ambulance, siren, helicopter, traffic, supervisor, co-worker, client, crowd, rent, mortgage, bills…CACOPHONY! Sometimes you just need space. Sometimes you just need to be able to breathe… Even with all of the getaway options we have here in LA, it can still be a  …read more

India Is the Guru of the World

Swami Kriyananda was lecturing in India around 2003 after starting the first Ananda community there. As he was reflecting with reverence on India’s perennial inspiration to mankind, he said, “India is the guru of the world.” The audience was silent for a moment and then applauded in acknowledgement of India’s love for God and desire  …read more

Add-ons Anyone?

At our essence, we are Unconditional Love… so why is it so difficult at times to act from that place of perfect, completely giving, non-judging Divine Love? If it is our nature, as the Masters tell us, why do we (and those around us) have such a hard time being “natural” even as the animals  …read more

Gratitude for the Divine Mother

This past weekend was a deeply inspiring kriya weekend with Nayaswami Devarshi from Ananda Village. He led us through an introductory class on Kriya Yoga, a Kriya initiation, and service on Sunday. What joy to share in the divine inspiration and magnetism together! As I was talking with Devarshi over the weekend, he shared with  …read more