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"The ultimate object of meditation is to attain conscious awareness of God, and of the soul’s eternal oneness with Him."

— Paramhansa Yogananda, Metaphysical Meditations

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What is Meditation?

Meditation is a technique for personal growth that has been practiced for thousands of years around the world with repeatable results.

There is no aspect of your life that cannot be improved by meditation, whether it be in business, relationships, health, or developing any personal quality, such as willpower.

The highest purpose of meditation, however, is to realize our essential oneness with Spirit.

Now is as good a time as ever to begin your inner journey to Self-realization through meditation. Meditation is a simple process which can be done anytime and anywhere to center and calm oneself.

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Meditation Tips

While nothing is needed for meditation except a willing heart and inquiring mind, we offer here a few tips and tools to help you along your journey.

Meditation is concentration; taking the mind off of multiple things and putting it on one thing at a time. It is concentration on an attribute or aspect of the Divine, such as: love, light, peace, joy, wisdom, calmness, sound, or power. 

Sit Upright

with proper posture

Learn to Meditate


and sit still

Energy & Energization


attune to higher power

How to Pray Effectively


with gaze slightly uplifted

Raja Yoga

Guided Meditation

with Nayaswami Maria

Meditation FAQs

Recommended Books

Secrets of Meditation and Inner Peace

This concise book brilliantly encapsulates essential keys to meditation in seed thoughts and affirmations that readers can repeat and instill within themselves before meditating. A potent guide to spiritual practice, it will help readers tap their inner well-spring of joy and peace.

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Autobiography of a Yogi

A spiritual classic, Paramhansa Yogananda's autobiography is a treasure trove of miraculous tales, rich wisdom and deep spiritual insight. Truly beyond inspiring and a must read!

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How to Meditate

This clear and concise guidebook contains everything you need to start your practice. With easy-to-follow instructions, meditation teacher Jyotish Novak demystifies meditation—presenting the essential techniques so that you can quickly grasp them.

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For more books on meditation, browse our Learn to Meditate collection and Crystal Clarity Publishers