Diving Deeper with Essentials on the Path

Retreat Weekend

Ananda Temecula Farm & Retreat

March 18 - 20, 2022

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Experience an immersive weekend at the Ananda Temecula Farm & Retreat as we share Satsang and sadhana to deepen your spiritual practice in the new year!

“Truth is one and eternal” and we are all moving in the direction of realizing our oneness with that truth. Over the course of three days and two nights, we will take a fresh look at the basics. From attunement, overcoming karma, finding balance and everything in between, revitalize your mind and body with a well-spring of practical tools and inspiration to keep your spiritual practice feeling “ever-new” all year round.   

In large part based on notes Swami Kriyananda took from his earliest meetings with Paramhansa Yogananda, then extrapolated from how he lived these teachings in his life, these talks will inspire beginners and longtime disciples alike.

This event is capped at 40 participants! All participants must register by Sunday, March 13th to save your spot. (Verbal RSVPs not accepted for this event. Please make sure to purchase your ticket.)

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Retreat Leaders

Shanti Rubenstone

Shanti is a lifelong devotee and is now a co-spiritual director at Ananda Palo Alto.

She teaches, councils and still maintains a practice of medicine through her coaching practice of “Transformational Medicine.”

Her talks are rich with stories from her life as a physician and her many years on the path.

With her warmth and wisdom, she is a much-loved counselor and teacher. Shanti’s talks online.

Nayaswami Narayan & Nayaswami Dharmadevi

Nayaswami Dharmadevi first started her spiritual journey through Reiki and the healing arts. She founded an online international healing school sharing Reiki with thousands of people around the world.

Through her healing journey she discovered Ananda and met Swami Kriyananda in India where she received Kriya Yoga initiation. While living at Ananda village, Dharmadevi started Online with Ananda and Ananda’s Virtual Community – online platforms sharing the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

At Swami Kriyananda’s request she now serves as co-spiritual director and Lightbearer of Ananda Los Angeles with her husband, Nayaswami Narayan. She also serves as a kriyacharya through Ananda preparing and initiating souls on the path of Self-realization.

An answer to prayer, Nayaswami Narayan found the Autobiography of a Yogi while on a business trip. Soon afterward he met Swami Kriyananda and became a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Narayan helped found the Ananda New York City and Ananda Rhode Island communities. While living at Ananda Village he served at Crystal Clarity Publishers, The Expanding Light retreat, and Online with Ananda.

At Swami Kriyananda’s request he now serves as co-spiritual director of Ananda Los Angeles with his wife, Nayaswami Dharmadevi. As a Lightbearer, part of his service includes Kriya Yoga preparation and initiation for people in Southern California. He lives with Dharmadevi at the Ananda LA community in mid-city.