How to Be Happy All the Time

Navigating Stress & Overcoming Difficult Emotions For Greater Joy

Saturday, January 22


“Success is not rightly measured by wealth, prestige, and power. Success is measured by the yardstick of happiness!” - Paramhansa Yogananda 

What if learning how to manage stress and conquer difficult emotions is the key to our search for happiness and success? 

Our ability to manage stress and navigate challenging emotions plays a huge role in our self-image, our self-confidence, the quality of our relationships, our capacity for joy and empathy, and even our physical health.  

Discover the connection between your thoughts, your energy, and your body-and how to create harmony within your heart and mind.

In this free 90-minute workshop, you will understand how to:

  • React less, respond more
  • Free yourself from unhealthy habits
  • Develop new habits with greater ease
  • Experience a quiet mind and calm heart
  • Increase your calmness and confidence in any circumstance
  • Open your capacity for greater happiness and success
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