Meditation Teacher Training Immersion

Ananda Temecula Retreat
Sunday, December 4th - Sunday, December 11th
Only 12 Spots Available

Learn to share the benefits of meditation—from better health to higher consciousness—with the growing numbers of people who are hungry for them. You’ll learn how to help your students reduce stress, concentrate better, stay centered in the midst of challenges, become more effective—and above all, cultivate lasting happiness.

Ananda is known for its expertise in teaching meditation, and for almost 50 years we’ve been training teachers in techniques grounded in the highest yogic practices of India, as brought to the West by Paramhansa Yogananda. From personalized training to post-training support, we help you in every way to become the teacher you truly want to be.

Pre-requisites: Must be enrolled in or have completed Living The Principles of Self-Realization (previously Raja Yoga).

Meditation Teacher Training Program
  • Practice meditation techniques and concepts through course instruction and three daily, full sadhana practices
  • Learn structured and detailed teaching techniques
  • Partake in lively discussions and breakout groups with your classmates to deepen your understanding
  • Enjoy practice teaching sessions with your classmates to build confidence in what you're learning.
  • Demonstrate teaching sessions and receive individual feedback from instructors.
  • Take mini practice quizzes throughout the training to deepen and clarify your understanding of the course content
  • Receive post-graduation support from our spiritual directors and online platform which offers a wide variety of resources, inspiration, and community interactions.

Ananda Meditation helps one calm the mind, sharpen concentration, stay centered amidst challenges, and cultivate unshakeable happiness and spiritual magnetism. Everything that you’ll learn to teach—the central technique as well as its many supporting techniques—is based on the highest ancient yogic practices of India. The well-rounded curriculum prepares you to teach meditation skills to anyone, whether he or she seeks stress reduction, greater effectiveness, better health, or spiritual growth.

In addition to enjoying classes offered by some of Ananda’s finest instructors, you’ll practice and teach Ananda Meditation extensively during the training, with ample guidance and feedback from instructors. You’ll also receive a comprehensive, 180-page teaching manual, as well as access to a variety of audio and video resources.

Graduates become certified Ananda Meditation® teachers.

Sample Daily Schedule


Wake-up Bell


Sadhana (Energization, Yoga Postures, Meditation)



Breakfast (in silence, except Sunday)

Morning Class


Noon Meditation




Afternoon Class


Sadhana (Energization, Yoga Postures, Meditation)




Practice Teaching / Kirtan / Free Time

The Perfect Place to Retreat Just Outside of Los Angeles

The Ananda Retreat Center was created out of a desire to share Ananda Yoga and Meditation in a quiet place outside of the city that’s still only a 90-minute drive from the greater Los Angeles area and 25 minutes from San Diego. The house sits on a beautiful 80 acres of lemon trees, avocado trees, and grape vineyards. The vibration of the land and all of the creatures create a nurturing environment for a serene and peaceful getaway, making it optimal for mind, body, and spirit.  

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Meet your Instructors

Nayaswami Narayan and
Nayaswami Dharmadevi

Nayaswami Dharmadevi first started her spiritual journey through Reiki and the healing arts. She founded an online international healing school sharing Reiki with thousands of people around the world. 

Through her healing journey she discovered Ananda and met Swami Kriyananda in India where she received Kriya Yoga initiation. While living at Ananda village, Dharmadevi started Online with Ananda and Ananda’s Virtual Community – online platforms sharing the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

At Swami Kriyananda’s request she now serves as co-spiritual director and Lightbearer of Ananda Los Angeles with her husband, Nayaswami Narayan. She also serves as a kriyacharya through Ananda preparing and initiating souls on the path of Self-realization.

An answer to prayer, Nayaswami Narayan found the Autobiography of a Yogi while on a business trip. Soon afterward he met Swami Kriyananda and became a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Narayan helped found the Ananda New York City and Ananda Rhode Island communities. While living at Ananda Village he served at Crystal Clarity Publishers, The Expanding Light retreat, and Online with Ananda.

At Swami Kriyananda’s request he now serves as co-spiritual director of Ananda Los Angeles with his wife, Nayaswami Dharmadevi. As a Lightbearer, part of his service includes Kriya Yoga preparation and initiation for people in Southern California. He lives with Dharmadevi at the Ananda LA community in mid-city.

Michael Iyob 

Dharana Villalvazo


Pritha Ricoy 

You'll Learn and Discuss:
  • What meditation is and what it is not
  • How to sit for the most effective, comfortable meditation practice
  • How to teach any student, whether s/he wants only stress relief, or the highest that meditation can offer, or anything in-between.
  • Using the breath to calm the body and mind
  • Concentration techniques to overcome mental restlessness
  • How to use affirmations, visualization, and walking meditations
  • How to open the heart and develop your feeling nature
  • Music as an aid to meditation
  • Effective presentation skills and how to overcome stage fright
  • Becoming a truly dynamic teacher
  • How to organize and market your classes
Cost and Accommodations

(prices are all-inclusive: 7 Night Stay, Tuition, and Meals)

$1,435 for a bed in a private room
$1,155 for a bed in a shared room

Payment Plans: 5 Installments 
(Deadline: July 30th)
Shared Room: $231
Single Room: $287

2 Installments 
(Deadline: October 31st)
Shared Room: $577.50
Single Room: $717.50

1 time payment ($100 savings) 
$1,335 for a bed in single room
$1,055 for a bed in a shared room 

Available Accommodations

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