You are never too old to feel the wondrous mystery of the child within you!  Yoga teaches that each of our souls originates from spirit like rays emanating from the sun and that our true essence is joy.  When born into the physical body and very young, we are still close to the pure energy dimension from which our souls came; vibrations of colors and melodies are more vividly felt, and experiences are met directly with simplicity and wonder.  However, after spending time in the earthly realm, our innate radiance gradually becomes obscured, like a layered dust clouded by accumulated self-identifications internalized from pressures of society, peers, terminal seriousness, and collective stress.  Eventually, the natural exuberance and poetic child-like radiance can be neglected and even lost.

In this workshop, Paul will guide you compassionately to return to the sacred kingdom of your inner child. In a safe setting, you can feel areas of your heart that may have been neglected, invite healing, and open from within an inner fountain that waters natural love. Inspiration can then blossom to guide your soul to explore the sparkling wonderland that flows from your imagination.

With spiritual practice, embracing our radiant inner child’s voice can become a priceless resource in navigating adult challenges, bringing wholeness and balance into our lives. Take the magic leap and leave the “grown up” confines to let your heart take wing to fly like a butterfly and roam free!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Time:            2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Instructor:     Paul Fetler

Admission:    $30.00   (in advance)

 $35.00   (at the door)


 In this 3-hour journey, we will:
  • Expand energy with guided meditation, colorful visualization, and joyful yoga postures
  • Invoke goddess healing to bring loving compassion to any resistance or fears in your heart
  • Explore how listening to the radiant child within takes you intuitively towards freedom
  • Open to qualities of spirit in play and devotion with beloved Indian deities Ganesha, Krishna, and Hanuman
  • Re-awaken a child-like sense of uninhibited fun, humor, and surprise!

Paul has offered yoga classes weekly for over twelve years at the Ananda South Bay and has been serving as an instructor and meditation group leader at Ananda Los Angeles since its inception in 2007. With caring support, he respects each person’s needs, using an individualized, flexible approach to hatha yoga with a playful sense of exploration. Paul also regularly offers inspiring workshops that combine practical wisdom, storytelling, spiritually focused asana, and meditation. These carefully selected modalities work together to foster an uplifted spaciousness of body and mind in order to feel the joyful light within.