By Andra Denslow
March 20, 2018

Knock, knock. Who’s there?  [insert punchline]

Good old knock-knock jokes – we’ve all heard them, and many of us probably spent our ninth year on this planet trying them out on anyone who would listen.

Lately a knock-knock joke has been knocking on the door of my consciousness, over and over, while I’m trying to meditate. Is it Divine Mother’s joke, or just my inner child being a nuisance? Who knows. Anyways, I’m releasing it into the ether in a blog so it can fade away. So here goes (and apologies in advance – it’s kind of lame):

Knock, knock.
Who goes there?
I go.
Are you sure it’s not ego?

That’s it. Short and silly. But it’s given me some food for thought. I’ve begun questioning more of my thoughts than I used to. Asking myself, is this coming from ego or inspiration? Of course, most of them stem from ego. It’s awesome – my ego seems to have limitless capacity for coming up with beguiling ideas that would lead me away from, not towards, self-realization.

Since I’ve stepped up my practice of self-examination in this way, I’ve begun to form a mental image of my ego as a skillful PR firm whose mission statement goes something like,

“It is the mission of Andra’s Ego, Incorporated, to provide unlimited distractions, red herrings, and tom-foolery to feed our client’s delusion that satisfaction is to be found in the outside world. We promise to supply our client with convincing justifications and rationalizations for each and every self-serving impulse. Above all, we are committed to superb ongoing customer service, 24/7.”

My PR firm – ego is wily, inexhaustible, and absolutely does not have my best interests at heart! It’s kind of like an LA version of the Bhagavad Gita, with the forces of my Guru, Divine Mother and my soul ranged against an ad agency instead of Arjuna’s antagonists, the Kauravas.

Yet I have faith that right and truth will prevail, just because my Guru is ever with me. He gives me the strength to always try one more time when I’m struggling, to never, ever give up. Just as Krishna did for Arjuna, my guru responds to my prayers for help with insight into where my thoughts are coming from, and guidance on how to move forward, one step at a time.

What makes this possible is meditation, and the attunement to the Guru that comes through meditation. I don’t know if it will happen in this or some later lifetime, but I have absolute, 100% confidence that my Guru will see me through to self-realization as long as I keep doing my best, meditating, serving, and divinely loving. He holds that promise out to everyone who comes to him with a receptive heart.

So someday it’ll be curtains for Andra’s Ego, Incorporated. When that firm goes out of business, it won’t affect the Dow Jones Industrial Average, but I know there will be rejoicing in my heart.

Aum, Aum, Aum.