“In deep meditation, this painting comes to life.” These words were spoken to me during a visit to the home of Tulsi Bose, who was the boyhood best friend of Paramhansa Yogananda. They came from the mouth of Tulsi’s daughter, a saintly woman, Hassi Mukherjee, regarding a painting of Krishna that adorned her living room altar.

I don’t remember what amazed me more – that she knew what I was seeing or what I was seeing! It was as though Krishna was dancing in ecstasy inside the painting, but it was so subtle I didn’t believe it until I heard her confirmation.

I believe that, especially in a dim light, with our concentration and devotion, all of the pictures of the masters will come to life. We have a very large photo of Yoganandaji in our bedroom and just the other day, as I was gazing into his loving eyes, it became as though I was watching a video of him speaking. However wonderful it was to see him; I couldn’t hear him.

“I sure wish I knew what you were saying!” I thought. And then I realized I could hear him, I just needed to listen. It was like listening to my dearest friend. My nearest and dearest, who knew exactly what to say and how to say it. The words weren’t to make me feel good about myself, but they were more comforting than I can describe.

God and the masters are always speaking to us, we just have to take the time, through meditation, to stop our seemingly endless stream of thoughts and listen. Listen as we would if they were right here in front of us speaking. 

Truly, God is speaking to us – not only deep within our superconscious mind but through the bees, the flowers, our loved ones, and even perfect strangers. He is speaking through the Truth that resonates within our souls and reminds us of our true home in Him.

If you feel to, join me in repeating this affirmation from Swami Kriyananda’s Affirmations for Self-Healing on the quality of Openness:

“My mind is open to the truth, whatever its source. True statements remain valid, even if hurled in anger.”