By Nayaswami Narayan Romano
October 30, 2018

Two young boys spent the week before Christmas at their grandparents. At the end of the first day they knelt before their beds to pray. The younger brother began to yell almost at the top of his lungs:




Finally, the older brother in exasperation leaned over and nudged his younger brother saying, “You don’t have to scream your prayers. God isn’t deaf.”

To which his younger brother replied, “I know, but Grandma is.”

Although this is a joke it reminds me of a true story which Swami Kriyananda told about a priest. Someone asked the priest why he said his prayers so loudly. He replied, “You see, God is far away so we have to make sure he hears our prayers.” Jokes many times are based on reality!

What, then, is the best way to pray? Paramhansa Yogananda offers us this advice on how to pray effectively:

  • “Never pray with the attitude of a beggar. You are God’s child. As His child, you have a right to the treasure from his storehouse of infinity.
  • “Pray with utter confidence that He is listening. For indeed, so He will, if you pray to Him with love. Pray from your heart, with deep intensity.
  • “Demand of Him lovingly; never beg. By demand I don’t mean you should try to force your will on Him, as though anticipating His reluctance to accede to your wishes. I mean, pray with the firm conviction that He wants to give you everything you need, and that He will give it.
  • “Jesus put it this way: ‘Pray Believing.’
  • “Utter faith, and love: these are the most important elements in prayer.”

There is a story from Swami Kriyananda’s life that illustrates how to pray with this type of childlike conviction, faith, and love for God. Many years ago Swami Kriyananda was planning to travel to India. Just before he finalized his plans his car broke down. It was beyond repair. Since he lived out in the country, he couldn’t get around without a car. He stopped (I think it was at a café) and said a very simple silent prayer, “Divine Mother, if you want me to go to India you’re going to have to reimburse me. My common sense tells me I need a car so I’m going to get one.” He said this prayer to Divine Mother on a Friday (the same day he purchased a used car for about $1,000). The following Monday he received a card in the mail with a check made out for $1,100. The note in the card said, “Use this as Divine Mother wants you to.” Swami went to India thanks to Divine Mother!

Pray simply, unceasingly, and with all sincerity and you will receive His answer. Keep calling Him!

“Keep Calling Him”