By Andra Denslow
September 26, 2018

The other day I made a trip up the coast to San Luis Obispo, where there is a harp luthier. I asked them to do some repairs on my harp. While I waited for the work to be done, I went into town and visited Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, which dates back to 1772. It is a beautiful old church, well worth a visit. I got there a few minutes before noon, so decided to sit and enjoy the mass that was about to begin. It was very sweet, and provided an opportunity to experience the sacred energy in the old church.

A young priest gave a little talk during the mass – probably the shortest talk I have ever heard inside the four walls of a church! It was pithy and full of wisdom. He made one point: Jesus instructed the people of his time to pray for the leaders of their country. This practice could benefit us today, suggested the priest. And next came the startlingly simple advice. He said when we pray, to try to watch God watching our leaders. I’ll repeat that:

Watch God watching our leaders.

I have tried this during the expansion phase of my meditations. It has yielded some unexpected insights and perspectives. I share this so that others may try it and see if it is helpful to them.

These are very trying times, and for most of us all we can control is the way we respond to what is happening. A large part of our response is determined by the way we look at things, our perspective. Are we coming from a place of higher consciousness when we react?

When you meditate and raise your awareness to the spiritual eye, try watching God watch the events that trouble you. I pray it will bring you peace.