By Andra Denslow
October 17, 2017

…was giving me lots of trouble. So much trouble in fact, that I was beginning to feel as though I were taking my life in my hands every time I ventured out on the freeways to attend Ananda LA, home of my precious spiritual family.

It all came to a head for me one night when a car spun out in front of me on the I-10 as I was driving home from our Janmashtami celebration. I grumbled about my traffic woes for a couple of weeks, and as I complained to friends, incredibly, the crazy driving and near-accidents escalated even further.

Finally I’d had enough. I stopped driving the freeways and started taking surface streets everywhere.

To my surprise, I enjoyed the long, slow-paced drives. I was more relaxed and happier. And guess what? There were no crazy drivers or near-accidents. Where had they all gone?

Some of you can probably tell where this story is headed. For practical reasons, sometimes I went back to taking the freeways to get to Ananda in a timely way. I decided to make it as pleasant and relaxing as possible by playing Swami’s music and mentally thanking all the drivers around me for being so careful. There were still no bad drivers or close calls. It was a dramatic change!

This experience taught me that I was drawing the crazies to me with all my complaining. But then, as soon as I started putting out gratitude and calm energy, they all went off to bother somebody else. Now I was magnetizing positive driving experiences. What a clear, graphic display of the power of magnetism this was for me!

I still restrict driving to a minimum out of respect for my health and sanity. I also avoid certain freeways at certain times. But I no longer drive in fear when I do venture out. Instead, I am positive, energetic, and enthusiastic!

Thank you for the lesson, Divine Mother-as-LA-Traffic.