Dear Friends, 

For as long as I can remember, my nighttime dreams have been a way for spirit to give me guidance, especially during turbulent times. Last night I had such a dream, which I feel inspired to share with you right now. 

In my dream, I had just finished running a marathon. After crossing the finish line, I stepped into an elevator in a parking structure with two other women to get back to my car. As the elevator started to go up, it suddenly began to malfunction. The women and I stopped chatting when we realized that the elevator had completely stopped. The next thing we knew, it was falling down fast, as if it had come off of its rope.  

Panic ensued, and even more so after we looked above us and saw that the roof of the elevator was now gone, and there was this intense fiery blaze coming towards us. 

My first thought was “I’m going to die in this elevator,” followed by, “there is no way that I’m going to ‘go out like this’ after just running a marathon (and feeling really triumphant).”

Suddenly, I was interrupted by this realization, “Wait a minute. I can’t even die… because this is all just a dream anyway.” 

This was a knowing that went beyond the awareness that I was dreaming. It was an understanding that it didn’t matter if I was in a “dream” or “awake.” What I call reality… this body, this world…. is all a dream. Or as Paramhansa Yogananda called it, a cosmic motion picture

Instead of being fearful at the thought of dying, I embraced it with full acceptance and said, “Well, if it’s my time to go, then it’s my time to go.” In that acceptance, I began to chant Om Guru and I prayed to Yoganandaji to help me go wherever I was about to go next. Within seconds of the prayer, the two women and I were ejected out of the elevator, thrown out by an invisible hand through some kind of backdoor. 

Now back in the safety of the parking lot, the women and I watched as the fire consumed the space we had just previously occupied. 

When I woke up, I felt so grateful for this experience. I went to my altar and opened up the table of contents in Whispers From Eternity by Paramhansa Yogananda and found the perfect title to my dream in this prayer: 

Thou Mother of Flames, Show Thy Face, Too Long Hidden Behind The Veil Of Thy Cosmic Motion Picture. 

I was inspired to record this video with my fellow Gurubhais in Los Angeles to share a chant and this prayer with you:

Right now, we’re confronted with our deepest fear, the fear of death, whether it’s our own or that of a loved one. It made me think of Yogananda’s quote about fear in his book, How To Have Courage, Calmness, And Confidence. He says, 

“If you still fear something, that karma has not yet been worked out. To dissipate it, don’t try to avoid the tests you have to face. Rise above them bravely, by dwelling in God’s joy within.” 

No matter how challenging this particular lesson may be, I believe that it’s an opportunity for us to shatter the illusion of this body and realize who we really are. Because when that fear of death is eliminated, all that is left is truth; all that is left is bliss! 

I find it interesting that Master specifically speaks to dwelling in the aspect of God that is Joy. After this dream, I woke up and felt so much joy at realizing that this is all just a dream after all. And if you’re feeling joy, please know that joy is also an appropriate response at this time. The more we can identify with our immortal spirit, the more joy we will feel. 

And by all means, infect others with your joy!

Aum Kali Aum,