“Natural is the way nature permits.” Buckminister Fuller, the renowned visionary and inventor who championed the geodesic dome, shared this insight on his unconventional view of the world. He called it “Synergetics.” 

What is “Synergetics?” When you observe nature, he said, you begin to realize that there are no right angles or squares. What you find are curves, triangles, and dome-like shapes. We live in a spherical world or what Bucky called “Spaceship Earth.”

However, most “modern” architecture has not seen this liquid living view of the world. The common forms are static and literally made of concrete. To this day, most buildings have lines that run perpendicular to one another. And a lot of the materials and the way they are manufactured can actually be toxic to our health. Think of any city with its boastful skyscrapers and strip malls (we are familiar at Ananda LA having been in the “Strip Mall of Religion Phase” of our existence for a number of years).

One of the discoveries Fuller claimed in “Synergetics” is:

“The trigonometric identification of the great-circle trajectories of the seven axes of symmetry with the 120 basic disequilibrium LCD triangles of the spherical icosahedron.”

What the heck does that mean?! 

I have no idea. But when you look at a geodesic sphere like the earth moving in space, we all, I think, have an intuitive understanding of what Fuller meant: Unity, wholeness, complete integration. (An interesting aside: the 120 triangles and seven axes sounds related to the science of kriya yoga.)

What if there was a common synergetic language that accounted for both the physical and the metaphysical? What if there was a way of life that embraced all the aspects of our being? In reality there is no up or down, true divine vision is as Paramhansa Yogananda said is, “center everywhere, circumference nowhere.”

Geodesic domes are an expression of that expansive and implosive aspect of our being. That is to say, our true soul nature is infinite in all directions. A story of Yogananda comes to mind:

A scientist once challenged Paramhansa Yogananda: “Considering the vastness of the universe, with its countless billions of galaxies, surely it is superstitious to believe that the Creator of this immensity listens to our prayers.”

“Your conception of Infinity is too finite!” rejoined the Master with ready wit. “Although the Lord is infinitely vast, He is also, in His infinity, infinitesimal.

“Infinity means, ‘without end.’ The infinity of God’s consciousness goes not only outward, but inward—to the very heart of the atom. He is as conscious of every human thought, of every feeling, as He is of the movements of vast galaxies in space.”

The Essence of Self-Realization

Just as architecture is in need of an update, we too need to transform our way of worshiping God. What is the best way to worship? We need to move from right angles and fundamental attitudes and dive into the flowing river of dynamic divine communion with our Great Beloved. In other words, rather than pray to God, we need to learn to pray and meditate in God as Yogananda once told a disciple.

I heard Nayaswami Devi sharing in a recent workshop that Yogananda said, “We should pattern our life by a triangular guide: calmness and sweetness are the two sides; the base is happiness…” I suspect he would have enjoyed living in a geodesic dome which is made of 120 triangles!

This Holy Trinity triangle of calmness, sweetness, and happiness will bring us to our true home in Divine Mother. There’s no place like D-Om!


Nayaswami Narayan