There’s an old saying: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” When you desperately need an answer, the universe responds.

I remember when I was working in the financial markets in New York City I experienced this value of utter desperation. My life had become increasingly busy and stressful. So much so that I reached a point of despair thinking: What is the purpose of life? How can I know my purpose and why I’m here?

In response to these inner questions, a gentle thought entered and vibrated in my mind (I can only attribute this to Divine Grace). It was so straightforward and yet subtle at the same time that I almost missed the message. The thought was simply:

“You need to learn to meditate.”

Fortunately, I heeded this inner calling. During a break from work one afternoon a friend of mine and I went in our suit and ties to receive a mantra meditation technique from the local Transcendental Meditation group in Manhattan. I practiced the technique religiously (maybe I should say “spiritual but not religious” religiously) every day for about eight months.

While the practice of the mantra meditation was very helpful, the quiet desperation had not left me completely. There was a new prayer demand that was surging within me. 

During a business trip to the Midwest, I found myself in a used bookstore. I gravitated towards the “Metaphysical” section. Pausing in front of a bookshelf for a moment I looked up mentally and  broadcast one of the most sincere and simple prayer-demands of my life:

“I need a good book now. You MUST send me a good book.”

Looking back upon this pivotal point in my life, I realize now it was my way of asking for Divine help.

The next book I pulled off the shelf was none other than Autobiography of a Yogi. As I gazed at Paramhansa Yogananda’s eyes, I knew in that moment my prayer had been answered. Yogananda used to say when you are a little desirous for truth, God sends you books. When you are more serious, he sends you teachers. But when you are absolutely earnest, God sends you a guru. I like to joke that He sent me all three at once!

The value of utter desperation is it forces us to find creative out of the box superconscious solutions to our problems. 

If we look back at any global crisis, we can see the powerful innovations that have come from human ingenuity in the face of desperation. Our world will truly enter into a new age through the crucible of the pandemic, economic fallout, and social unrest. 

Now more than ever we need Divine assistance to help us usher in higher consciousness and solutions for every aspect of life. Let’s lift our hearts and minds up to the Divine and say, “I need Your help Here and NOW!”