By Nayaswami Narayan Romano
August 7, 2018

“What are you grateful for?”

There is a restaurant in LA called “Cafe Gratitude” where the waiter asks you this question (or another thought provoking one) during your meal. Their menu item names are quite ambitious: “Immortal,” “Liberated,” “Pure,” “Enthusiastic,” etc. What makes it even more fun is when they bring your order they affirm your soul quality through the dish’s name. Your waiter exclaims with the verve of a veganatic, “You are Enthusiastic!” If you’re not feeling all that peppy, the waiter hugely helps you in the “assume a virtue though you have it not” department!

Recently I was listening to Swami Kriyananda recite Paramhansa Yogananda’s Metaphysical Meditation called “Goodbye.” One of my favorite lines is:

“I am flying home in the plane of silence.”

Hearing my guru’s words through Swamiji’s voice brought a swell of gratitude to my heart. “Ahh..”, I thought, “finally, I am flying home!” Thanks to my guru I know how to navigate my plane of silence. I realize I still have a long way to go but who cares, we are flying home in our plane of silence!

What are you grateful for? Why? Why not “eat” at “Cafe Gratitude” every time you meditate? Every moment? When you start your meditation with the appetizer of gratitude the entree of God’s joy will be served shortly thereafter.

But it’s not easy to feel gratitude when you’re going through pain and suffering. Yet, I can attest (as I suspect so can you) that the suffering I’ve experienced in life has led to my greatest growth. And for that I am grateful. As Patanjali says in the first yoga sutra, “Now we come to the study of the science of yoga.” “Now” implies you’ve had your fill of suffering and sincerely aspire for freedom in God.

So in this way I am deeply grateful for suffering. I can hear the waiter at Cafe Gratitude saying upon serving this dish, “You are humbled through suffering and will become grateful for it in time!” Divine Mother is like a divine doctor and may inflict pain to uproot the deeper disease of our ignorance. First she may serve a starter called “Earth Searing Pain to Obliterate the Ego” and we say, “Aaaah, I am suffering!” But then comes the main course of “Redemption & Soul Freedom” where we rejoice and say, “I see, I see…I am He…blessed Spirit… I am He!”

So be grateful under all circumstances. Your pain is but an ingredient in your trail mix of transformation. Fly home in your plane of silence. Say goodbye to this world. And then you can say hello to your cafe of swelling gratitude and supernal bliss in Him.




Paramhansa Yogananda


Goodbye, blue house of heaven. Farewell, stars
and celestial celebrities and your dramas on the
screen of space. Goodbye, flowers with your traps
of beauty and fragrance. You can hold me no
longer. I am flying home.

Adieu to the warm embrace of sunshine.
Farewell, cool soothing comforting breeze.
Goodbye, entertaining music of man.

I stayed long reveling with all of you, dancing
with my variously costumed thoughts, drinking
the wine of my feelings and my mundane will.
I have now forsaken the intoxications of delusion.

Goodbye, muscles, bones, and bodily motions.
Farewell, breath. I cast thee away from my
breast. Adieu, heart throbs, emotions, thoughts,
and memories. I am flying home in the plane of
silence. I go to feel my heart throb in Him.

I soar in the plane of consciousness above,
beneath, on the left, on the right, within and
without, everywhere, to find that in every nook
of my space-home I have always been in the
sacred presence of my Father.