By Nayaswami Narayan Romano
May 22, 2018

Having spent the last week at Ananda Village for the Kriyaban retreat, I got an infection! But it’s not the kind you think. It’s the infectious ease of joy. The divine friendships, beautiful environment, inspirational talks, uplifting music, and deep kriya meditations have transmitted a touch of joy upon my soul. I hope to transmit it to you too!

Why did God create our world and the universe? It’s a question that has puzzled many for millenia. The traditional answer from India is, “God wanted to enjoy Himself through many.” But with all the negativity in the world today, it’s hard to believe that God is “enjoying Himself through many.” Seems like suffering through many would be more appropriate.

Nayaswami Jyotish reminded us that Swami Kriyananda said, “It’s the nature of joy to want to share itself.” I experienced divine joy at Ananda Village and its infectious nature on my being.

Next Year Ananda will celebrate its 50th anniversary. A Temple of Light is being constructed at Ananda Village that will honor all religions and the one common highway to Self-Realization.

But, you know, I saw another temple this past week. In fact, over 300 of them! The temples of pure hearts in the devotees and kriyabans assembled at the village. Each soul is constructing a rainbow bridge to Self-Realization.

Paramhansa Yogananda said, “I prefer a soul to a crowd. But I love a crowd of souls.” That’s what I experienced this past weekend at Ananda. A crowd of soul temples uniting their hearts in love for God and the joy of sharing Him with all.

If you have not visited Ananda Village, we invite you to come for the 50th anniversary next year from June 30th through July 7th for a special celebration.