By Narayan Romano
September 13, 2016

After one of our recent classes, a student said to me, “Why was I crying when we were chanting? Is something wrong with me? I’m just talking about the music now and I’m getting choked up.”

I responded, “You’re remembering your devotion. You’re remembering that you are a lover of God.” Through chanting and meditation, she was uncovering her heart’s natural love. What a blessing for her (and for me to witness)!

As Sri Yukteswar said, “The first and most essential thing on the spiritual path is to uncover the natural love of the heart; without that one cannot take one step on the spiritual path.”

We don’t necessarily need to cry every time we chant or meditate. But when we start on the path our hearts crack open. The pain of facing our own emptiness and lack is frightening.

As Swami Kriyananda says in the Festival of Light:

Long we feared to face Your love,
Lest our emptiness it prove!
Now at last our hearts we give You,
Who remain our Friend.

How do we awaken the heart’s natural love?

As Paramhansa Yogananda said, “chanting is half the battle.”

Try chanting a song that is inspiring to you and use that before, during, and after your meditations. Take that chant as a prayer in song form and sing to your divine beloved inwardly. Let your soul constantly hum unheard by any!

See this link for some free chants you can sing.