By Nayaswami Dharmadevi
April 23, 2019

When I started meditating I learned an important lesson: the Guru is not who we think he is.

I was studying the Ananda Course in Self-Realization and my teacher was very helpful, knowledgeable, and was available to answer my questions from afar (I was living in Georgia at the time), for which I was extremely grateful.

I was meditating one night and in my mind’s eye, I saw my teacher. I was happy to see him and smiled inwardly. He smiled back and did something that surprised me – he pulled off his face, which was only a mask, revealing himself to really be Swami Kriyananda!

I was startled but so happy to see Swamiji, whom at this point in my life, I had not met in person. I offered my salutations and Swami smiled sweetly and then pulled off his face, which was also a mask, to reveal our great guru, Paramhansa Yogananda!

I was astonished and in awe. I offered my devotion humbly at his feet. He smiled a mischievous smile and he too pulled off a mask – this time revealing only pure Light!

At the time, I realized the meaning to be that God is the Guru and to not get caught up in personalities. Since then, I have realized subtler levels of what I was shown. God acts through channels and if we attune to him through a God-realized master, we too can be an instrument of His blessings to mankind. Just as my teacher was acting as a channel for Swami Kriyananda, Swamiji was acting as a channel for Yoganandaji, and of course, Yogananda is acting as a channel for God’s infinite light.

I have just been reading about Yoganandaji’s great woman disciple, Sister Gyanamata. He said that though she had left her body, she left footprints that anyone who tuned into her, could follow back to their Divine home in God.

Isn’t it true? Even when we read about the lives of great saints, we feel inspired to follow in their footsteps. How much more then to tune into their consciousness, which is always united to our Heavenly Father/Divine Mother?