By Nayaswami Narayan Romano
September 18, 2018

Recently, Dharmadevi got sick with the flu and a bacterial infection at the same time. It was a one two punch that knocked her body down and out. I tried to lift her spirits so we started to joke about her ailing body and took complaining about “Sister Donkey” (her body) to a playful, hyperbolic end. For example, we came up with a name to a new booklet on complaining called “The Grouchy Yogi’s Guide to Enlightenment.” It’s still a work in progress. Inspired by Paramhansa Yogananda, current chapter titles include:

  1. Sukadukadam (Pleasure, Pain, Boredom) Again, Anyone?
  2. Anguishing Monotony
  3. Get Away From My Ocean Of Suffering and Misery
  4. Bones Strewn In The Moonlight
  5. What Fun Is There In This World?
  6. “Rising Costs, Privation, Millions die…”
  7. “Volcanic Bursts Of Doomsday Cataclysms… “

In all seriousness, what fun is there in this world? If we look at things outwardly, it makes absolutely no sense. We’re born, we live, we die. What is the purpose of life? It’s bewildering.

Unless… God has a plan for us. Unless He wants us to seek Him with great earnestness! Unless God in His humble greatness wants us to know Him through deep inner communion. Unless through all trials, joy in God is “life’s soul aim” (as Swami Kriyananda said in a song). Unless the Lord’s counsel in the Gita is true, “Your true Self is formless, You, the immortal soul cannot die! Therefore, do not lament.”

As long as we identify with the body, this world is a “nest of troubles at best,” as Lahiri Mahasaya said. The more we identify with, and unleash the immortal power of the soul, we will conquer fear and weakness.

And “where can we find that source?” asks the little bird in the Festival of Light. The Lord answers, “Seek it in the farthest depths of being, in your own Self.”

Yoga, union, means the permanent destruction of all suffering (body, mind, and soul). When this realization dawns onto our consciousness we’ll be reading and writing a new book entitled, “Satchitananda: Ever Existing, Ever Conscious, Ever New Bliss.” Chapters from this digital divine download (only available through “Aum Airlines”) include:

  1. “Having That Which No Other Gain Is Greater!”
  2. God, God, God!
  3. From Joy I Came, For Joy I Live, in Sacred Joy I Melt Again
  4. “The Storm Of Maya Stilled By Magic Wand Of Intuition Deep”
  5. “I And My Father Are One!”
  6. My Lord, My God, My All!
  7. The Saints Are The True Custodians Of Religion
  8. Thy Will, Not Mine, Lord!
  9. “Eternity and I, One United Ray…”
  10. “May Thy Love Shine Forever On The Sanctuary Of My Devotion And May I Be Able To Awaken Thy Love In All Hearts.”

Do you have any additional chapter titles to add to this book of Satchitananda? If so, please share them with me. I’ve heard it goes on for quite a while and as Yogananda said, “ends in endlessness!”

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Narayan