By Narayan Romano
August 8, 2017

“Son, it’s Pappa Chan…you know the number…it’s about biz-za-ness.”

When I heard this colorful voicemail that my earthly father left me, my first thought was, “Isn’t business two syllables?” My father was an old school Italian salesman. He enjoyed sales or as he coined it, “biz-za-ness.”

Then I realized hidden beneath his humor was a deep spiritual truth. Isn’t God, I thought, in the “Biz-za-ness of Is-a-ness?” Yes, He IS!

Think of this: a million years ago God IS. And a million years from now God IS. In Paramhansa Yogananda’s poem Samadhi he says, “The storm of Maya stilled by magic wand of intuition deep.” In our soul when we inwardly love and are united to God, nothing can touch us.

There is a remarkable story about Dr. Lewis, Yogananda’s first kriya yogi disciple, that illustrates this point. One time Dr. Lewis went out on a small row boat with his father and brother. They were a couple miles off shore when suddenly they realized a severe squall was about to break. They were unable to reach shore before the squall broke. Dr. Lewis’ life flashed before his eyes. His family, children, and wonderful relationship with Yogananda would all be left behind he thought. Just then he remembered what Yogananda had told him not too long before that, “Remember Doctor, when you are in the Om vibration, when your consciousness is centered in the Christ Center in the forehead, and you merge in that Om vibration, nothing can harm you.”  He lifted his eyes, focused his consciousness at the spiritual eye, and felt such a consciousness of peace and security he knew that nothing could touch him. Shortly after this divine experience the storm subsided.

I’m sure we’ve all felt like Dr. Lewis during the storm! In order to get out of the storm, don’t stir up more emotional involvement in it. Use your “magic wand of intuition” and contact God’s eternal still presence within. Actively practice contentment and happiness NOW. Swami Kriyananda’s affirmation on Contentment expresses this truth beautifully, “Through life’s mightiest storms, I am contented. For I hold in my heart God’s peace.”

How do we hold in our heart God’s peace during these turbulent times? Meditate and love God. Mean biz-za-ness with Him! No matter what difficulties, disease, and troubles howl around you, if you cling to His eternal presence you will safely arrive on the shores of your immortality in Him.

The Biz-za-ness of IS-a-ness to you!