Overcomplicating Simple Living

Swami Kriyananda tells a story in The New Path about how he traveled to Mexico in his youth in hopes of connecting with a simpler way of life. He learned to make do with only ten dollars a month! He shares what foods he ate in order to save money and even how he rationed portions of dessert to not feel deprived.  A big lesson he shares through this experience is that we can over-complicate even simple living. He was … Read More

Return to Simplicity

Dharmadevi and I have been talking about a new class series for couples titled, “Tiny Home, Expansive Marriage – How to Grow Closer Literally and Figuratively.”  Where did we get this playful idea? Recently we put a tiny home on our Ananda Desert Retreat. The Ananda Desert Retreat also has a 3 bedroom house on 30 acres in the high desert for personal and group seclusions. We visit “Sunshine” (the name of the tiny home) as a getaway from the … Read More