Paul Fetler

Leaving the Dock

Dad would have that spark in his eyes on certain weekends; the peninsula harbor, winds, and white caps were calling him. We headed towards the nearest harbor, with the white tarp-covered boat attached with rattling wheels behind our car. Looking out the backseat window, I often daydreamed about places I would rather be, like the local  miniature golf course. We started going to the sailing docks when I was about nine or ten years old.   On windy days the motorless … Read More

A Tribute to Joan Wight

As a young woman Joan became intensely inspired to dedicate her life to God. The divine ardor of her heart magnetically drew her to become a nun at a young age in Self-Realization Fellowship. She was probably even more divinely attracted to Sri Durga Mata, or Ma Durga, one of Paramhansa Yogananda’s direct disciples who radiated truth, fearlessness, and joy. During our service at Ananda Los Angeles, Dharmadevi and I had the good fortune to get to know Joan. Over … Read More