By Nayaswami Narayan
November 12, 2019

Have you seen “Stardust”? I’m not speaking metaphorically about an inner vision you may have had. I’m talking about the old movie with Robert Deniro and Michelle Pfeiffer .

You might remember it. It’s part fantasy/adventure and part love story. Sometimes Dharmadevi and I have difficulties finding a movie we both like. I gravitate towards action and adventure. She likes animated movies and love stories. Fortunately, this movie blended both! It satisfied our comingled natures and we were saved from watching another episode of “The Great British Baking Show”, which we both can agree to watch since nothing heavy is at stake, except for whipping cream.

(Spoiler alert!)

At the end of “Stardust”, the star incarnate heroine and her love are facing imminent death from a wicked witch. She and her beloved are running away from the witch who cackles with anticipatory sadistic glee. If the witch eats the heart of the star heroine, the old witch will become youthful and immortal. 

She missed the class on sharing with others.

What to do? The star heroine courageously vanquishes the witch with her inner radiant light, saying, “What do stars do? They shine!” As she holds her beloved in her arms, her resplendent light expands and irradiates the darkness of the witch. They are saved in an instant! As Paramhansa Yogananda said, “A room could be filled with darkness for a thousand years, but when you turn on the light, it vanishes instantly.”

Surprisingly and rather unexpectedly, after watching “Stardust” I found myself deeply moved and wrote a poem called “Stardust Song” (below).

Why was it so moving? Although it’s a fantasy story, I think it touched me because it’s not that far from the truth and I was reminded of the inner light of God (or as Swami Kriyananda says in a song, “Thy Light Within Us Shining”).

Scientists know we are made of stardust (humans and stars share 97% of the same building blocks: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and phosphorus). NASA has even recorded the sun’s vibration which sounds strikingly like “Aum”, the cosmic sound of God in creation.

And yogis say that the inner light we see in meditation is a reflection of our own inner nature. Try this fun exercise: Stand up and outstretch your arms to your sides. Look at yourself in the mirror and count the number of your extremities including your head. Two arms, two legs and your head in this position are five points. In other words, you are a five-pointed star! You are a child of the infinite light!

Our challenge lies in simply remembering the truth of our soul nature. We all face our own inner wicked witch of dark selfishness, greed, and attachment to ego.

Like the witch, delusion is cunning. It tries to get us to forget our inner light and divine potential by casting a spell that hypnotizes us to think we are this little body and personality. The darkness sometimes convinces us that there isn’t even a God or higher power that cares for us.

One time a scientist challenged Paramhansa Yogananda:

“Considering the vastness of the universe, with its countless billions of galaxies, surely it is superstitious to believe that the Creator of this immensity listens to our prayers.”

“Your conception of infinity is too finite!” rejoined the Master with ready wit.  “Although the Lord is infinitely vast, He is also, in his infinity, infinitesimal.”

“Infinity means, ‘without end.’ The infinity of God’s consciousness goes not only outward, but inward—to the very heart of the atom. He is as conscious of every human thought, of every feeling, as He is of the vast movements of vast galaxies in space.” –The Essence of Self-Realization by Paramhansa Yogananda 

Yogananda is encouraging us to be adventurous. He’s saying (my modern day paraphrase), “Journey on to Self-realization! Let your light shine! Don’t be small. Go big and go to your inner Home in God!” 

How? Gaze at the inner light, your star in the east at the point between the eyebrows. Offer yourself with the deepest love to your Divine Beloved and as you cling to God your inner star light will grow and grow to infinity.

What do stars do?

They shine!

Shine on!

Nayaswami Narayan


Stardust Song

There is a song of joy in my heart
I’d like to share with you.
A song of unceasing gratitude,
An unabashed attitude divine
resplendent light,
Oh, mine!
I wish to be like Thee and shine!
I will with Thy light
and “show where freedom lies…..”
and lie with Thee
until I die
“and rise
in Thy sea
Oh, in Thee!”
So it is Thy song, my song, our song
One: a choral ring!
One heart that sings
with this melody,
Oh, mine!
So I’d like to share a song of joy in my heart,
a song of unceasing gratitude
and bliss
for all the misses
that became a missile to Thee
A shooting star to be,
to be…shall be
in Thee
I will to be…Thine!
And this song of mine
Shall sing
On and on…
Throughout time
For its eternal chime is a
Whisper divine
A sublime rhyme
Of: “Oh, me…Oh, my
Beloved mine!”