By Andra Denslow
June 6, 2017

Recently I heard a story about Krishna and one of his devotees that I loved. Krishna was preparing to exit his body for that incarnation, and he was advising the devotee about how to go on after he was no longer there in person. During the course of the conversation, the devotee, inspired by Krishna’s radiant presence, said something along the lines of, “How can I be overcome by darkness, when I am standing before the sun?”

I love that! How can we be overtaken by the challenges surrounding us, so long as we remember to look inwardly into the source of all light? This is so simple yet contains so much potential for us. And it is something we can all practice.

Recently I had an opportunity to try this. A few weeks ago, I was leaving the memory care facility where my mother has been beautifully cared for since June. It had been a challenging visit. I was feeling sad about losing the mother I had known, and about some other recent losses. Inwardly I asked God why life is so painful. It wasn’t so much a “why me?” question as why is life so painful for all of us.

There is so much suffering all around us, and life isn’t showing signs of getting easier any time soon, for any of us. Then the thought came to me, why not stand before the sun, and see if this darkness goes away? (I won’t take credit for that thought – I think it was grace).

So, I went to my car and sat for a while. I closed my eyes, lifted my gaze upward to the point between the eyebrows, and meditated. My guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, is the source of all light in my life, so I visualized my guru’s beautiful eyes, and recalled times in past meditations when I have felt his love flowing to me. I began to feel that love again, and felt the burden of sorrow slipping away. After a while I felt a sense of peace with what is. With that came a sense of acceptance and trust that all would be well, even though my mind might not be able to see how that could be possible.

It felt like my guru was telling me that none of us are alone in the circumstances of life, even though we may experience times when we feel alone, when loved ones are absent, whether physically or emotionally. Whether we live in the world, or in an ashram, any of us may at anytime find ourselves feeling isolated from the great souls around us. Yet, there is a place where we can find pure loving love, where we are truly loved, as Yogananda’s chant, “Where Is There Love?” reassures us.

It is the place where our souls long to be. And we have been given the great gift of sacred techniques that are scientific and guaranteed to take us to that place. All we have to do is remember to stand before the sun and practice.

Where Is There Love?