By Nayaswami Narayan
December 31, 2019

Last year, one of my new year’s resolutions was to speak to Dharmadevi with a sweet tone of voice. In India the voice is thought to be the perfect musical instrument because it has the capacity to convey consciousness most clearly. Some saints even heal through the tone of their voice.

Everyone has a favorite song or singer. Why? I suspect it’s something in the tone of their voice that we find irresistible.

For example, I love listening to Swami Kriyananda’s voice. One of my favorites are chants of Paramhansa Yogananda he sings (just voice and harmonium) called “Music for Meditation.” What is the irresistible force I hear in his voice? It is the song of his soul singing to God.

I knew that I could bring greater harmony and kindness to Dharmadevi and our relationship through the tone of my voice. Although I can’t say I was 100% successful in being sweet in speech with her, what I can say is making an effort certainly helped.

By focusing on the tone of my voice I found myself being more conscious not only of what I was saying but even more importantly how I said it. Was there agitation in my tone? Impatience? Or did I infuse my voice with fresh energy, genuine gratitude, and love?

One time, before he was able to speak fluent Italian, Swami Kriyananda was leading a meditation in Italy. He was speaking in English and a translator would offer his words in Italian to the group. During the guided meditation, Swami said with deep feeling and God’s presence in his heart, “Feel God’s peace.” The translator said in a flat, apathetic monotone devoid of the consciousness of peace, “Senti la pace.” As soon as Swami heard his tone of voice he thought, “I’ve got to learn this language!”

Similarly, we have two translators in our own consciousness: an indifferent subconscious one and a superconscious voice of loving awareness. When I go on autopilot (a good feature only in cars!), my voice lacks interest and enthusiasm. I’m not fully present or connected and I can easily become reactive. It is only when I make an effort to act as a conscious co-creator with Spirit, that I am able to infuse a quality of ever new joy into my voice.

To harmonize your voice with another singer, you first need to listen. Before making your list of new year’s resolutions, first try listening to Divine Mother in deep meditation. Open your heart to Her melody of divine love. Then you will hear the sweetest song you are singing together — the silence of your soul merging with the Infinite Spirit of God.

May your new year be blessed with the ever new joy of God.
Nayaswami Narayan