Tyagi Dikshini May 3, 1956 to January 23, 2021

Tyagi Ram’s wife Dikshini passed away on January 23, 2021 at the Ananda Meditation Retreat. She had been in decline since before Thanksgiving and the entire Ananda LA Sangha and community had been praying for her. During these months, Tyagi Ram was faithfully by her side, always so heartbreakingly positive in his updates to us, including after their arrival at the meditation retreat.

In their most difficult and painful time, both Ram and Dikshini conducted themselves with the same dignity and grace as they always have, and perhaps because of this her passing hit me especially hard. Even to the very end she maintained a one-pointed focus on God and guru.

As Master wrote in Autobiography of a Yogi:

“Thoughts are universally and not individually rooted; a truth cannot be created, but only perceived. The erroneous thoughts of man result from imperfections in his discernment. The goal of yoga science is to calm the mind, that without distortion it may mirror the divine vision in the universe.”

Tyagi Dikshini saw without distortion how she wanted to leave her body: with her husband, spiritual family and the Masters around her at the meditation retreat, the place where Ananda began. I felt the tremendous strength, courage and love in how Dikshini chose to leave the Earth, and can only hope to emulate her when I am closer to my own earthly departure.

May we all strive in our lives for Dikshini’s one-pointed focus and devotion to God and guru, remembering that “God, for everyone, is the only answer. Anything less is a compromise.” (from The New Path by Swami Kriyananda)

From Ram: I would like to thank everyone for the loving prayers during this time. It was what sustained us during this time of Tyagi Dikshini’s transition into the Astral World.