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Request a FREE Recharge Card™ Set

The Recharge Card™ Set & Companion Short Course includes yoga and mindfulness techniques for stress-reduction and resilience. 

Request a new or an additional Recharge Card™ Set for FREE and receive access to the short companion Recharge Course by filling out the form to your right. You will be asked to create an account with us to receive instructions on how to get your set of cards.

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How to Order

Be sure to fill out all the fields in the form to your right, including your professional title and place of work, so we can provide you with a coupon code to receive your cards free through our partner company, Scrub Pocket (Scrub and Stuff LLC). 

FREE Shipping US ONLY, International Shipping available at cost.

What Is Included

The set includes 6 cards with 1 simple and practical yoga and mindfulness technique per card (front and back). The cards are fashioned after the reference cards or ID badges worn by healthcare professionals on the job.

Each card addresses a “feeling” and suggests a “remedy” for immediate action. The card includes a QR code that takes one to explainer videos and additional resources. The cards and their short companion course include wellness themes covering how to:

  • Stay Positive
  • Release Tension
  • Raise Your Energy
  • Come to Focus
  • Release Negativity

Watch short 2-min videos while you wait for your Recharge Card Set to arrive.

What Is the Wellness for Warriors in Healthcare Program?

The Recharge Card™ Set and short companion Recharge Course make up the Wellness for Warriors in Healthcare Program

This program was designed to share a solution for the wellbeing of body, mind and soul in healthcare professionals around the world. Learn more about ways to support the program and sharing of the Recharge Card™ Set.

Additional Information

Scrub Pocket is a small publishing company that was founded in 2009 by an Emergency Nurse. While searching for quick nursing reference materials, we found that although there are many pocket guides, references and books available to health care professionals, they all seemed to lack a customized, personalized touch. We also found that some guides claiming to be "pocket guides" were actually larger than some books! Our approach is to offer smaller, content-specific references. This way, our customers can decide which products are right for them instead of purchasing a book and only using a section of that reference. 

View the Wellness for Warriors in Healthcare Program medical disclaimer here.