Upon realizing we are steadily approaching January 1st, I hurried to the nearest Target to buy a 2021 planner. I love planners as much as I love blank journals!

I thought how wonderful it would be to ‘plan’ my whole year, or at least the next three months. It’s rather giggle-worthy when you consider how many people “planned” for 2020 and were thrown the ultimate curveball.  

As I was shopping for a planner the initial excitement and urgency started to dissipate. What was it that I was actually hoping to accomplish

I started to inquire internally and quickly realized that if I continue to be preoccupied with activities to add to my calendar, I’m missing the point!

When I got home, I sat to meditate. Sure enough, clarity came. I remembered that, while it’s great to have goals and be ambitious, nothing is more important than my inner life. Who I am being is more important than what I am doing. 

If my inner life is the real work for 2021 (and all the years to come) is a planner really the appropriate tool here?

Meditation is the tool. Attunement with the Guru is my goal. The rest will take care of itself. 

The beautiful part of being on the spiritual path is that it simplifies your life! 

What if there is only one thing to do and what if your goal was one? Literally… to be one! Self-realization. 

Shifting my goals reminds me of the story of a young John Lennon. When his teacher asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, John responded, “happy.” She then told Lennon that he didn’t understand the nature of the question… to which he responded, “you don’t understand life.” 

I was reminded of this story this week when I opened my 6-year-old daughter’s journal. Her New Year’s resolutions are: 

To be happy

To be kind 

To be a good sister

and… (hallelujah) to pay attention to Mom

Mila has the right idea. If we work on our inner lives, we’ll be prepared for whatever God has on the calendar for us in 2021. 

Let’s keep it simple next year! 

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