Nayaswamis Narayan & Dharmadevi

Nayaswamis Narayan & Dharmadevi are disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda. At Swami Kriyananda’s request, they moved to Los Angeles and became the spiritual directors of Ananda LA in 2010.

Prior to that, they lived at Ananda Village in Northern California. There, Narayan helped manage the publishing arm of Ananda, Crystal Clarity and Dharmadevi started Ananda Online Classes (now called Online With Ananda) and the Ananda Virtual Community.

Narayan and Dharmadevi were made Ananda ministers, Lightbearers, and Kriyacharyas by Nayaswamis Jyotish & Devi. They are both long-time meditators and Kriyabans, as well as certified Ananda Meditation & Yoga Instructors.

It is their joy to be of service and they are available to meet in person or talk over the phone.

Keshava and Suryani

It is Keshava and Suryani’s great joy to serve as center leaders at Ananda West LA. Together they teach classes in meditation, the path of Kriya Yoga, satsangs, and more.

Keshava Betts was born and raised at Ananda Village, the first Ananda community founded by Swami Kriyananda. Steeped in the teachings of Yogananda from birth, meditation and spirituality have always been a part of his life. Now, he is thrilled to share the wisdom and joy of Yogananda through classes and events at Ananda West LA. Keshava also studied music for many years, and has a deep love of Yogananda’s and Swami Kriyananda’s music, which he shares whenever possible.

Suryani grew up in Portland, Oregon in a home vibrant with spirituality. Meditation in the morning and gymnastics at night, lead to a degree in dance and choreography that brought her to Los Angeles. Suryani’s love of movement evolved into a consistent yoga practice, but something was missing. Was there more than just the physical aspect of yoga? Yes! That something else was found in Yogananda’s teachings. Ananda has been a beautiful home and source of inspiration for Suryani, and it is her joy to share that blessing with all who come.

Tyagis Ram and Dikshini

Dikshini was born and raised in Hungary, Europe. By divine guidance, and under mysterious circumstances, Autobiography of a Yogi came to her in July 2004. She immediately read it from cover to cover, twice. The inspiration of this spiritual scripture had such a dramatic impact that in October, only three months later, she boarded a plane with suite case in hand headed to Ananda Village. Dikshini’s greatest desire is to follow and live Yogananda’s teachings with likeminded people in a supportive environment. Today Dikshini, with her husband Ram, are the spiritual directors of Ananda South Bay.

Jennifer Duke

It is Jennifer’s great joy to be of service leading the Ananda Thousand Oaks center. She is a certified Ananda Meditation Teacher, a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and a Kriyaban. Jennifer enjoys sharing the teachings of Self-realization, leading classes at the center in the path of Kriya Yoga, meditation, satsangs, and more. She has been married for 31 years and is mom to two adult children. She offers a loving heart to anyone seeking support in their spiritual path.

Padma Haldar

Padma has been a member of the Ananda Community since 2004. She is an Ananda Minister, light bearer, leads Sunday Services and teaches at the SouthBay center. As a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, she tries to live His teachings the best she can. Padma is grateful for the spiritual friendship and community she enjoys at the Center. Padma lives in Rancho Palos Verdes with her husband and two daughters. She is also a high school science teacher.

Eleanor Johnson-Muth

Eleanor received her yoga teaching certifications through The Ananda School of Yoga & Meditation, Nevada City, CA and is recognized by Yoga Alliance as a RYT Level 1 instructor. She is eligible to receive certification as a Level 2 yoga instructor (having completed the 300 hours of course work) and will soon submit her final exam. Her training also includes 250 hours of study achieving accreditation through the International Alliance of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and is register a, Level 1 Yoga Therapist. Currently training is continuing and she is hopeful to obtain Level Two Yoga Therapy accreditation.

With over 25 years of exposure to various yogic disciplines, she was drawn to the spiritual practice of the Ananda style Hatha Yoga. Common to her classes is the focus on body, breath awareness, spiritual affirmations with an enhanced awareness and understanding of posture and movement. She is a devoted disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda and considers her yoga classes to be a spiritual experience.

At our South Bay Ananda Center, Eleanor also teaches the 12-week course on, “The Art & Science of Raja Yoga” which includes Philosophy & asana instruction. She teaches several courses we offer including, “A.K.A.S.H” (The Ancient Keys to Attain Success & Happiness), and in 2019 will conduct the “Discipleship” & “Preparation for Kriya Yoga”. You may find her occasionally on Sunday afternoon filling in for our Spiritual leaders at our regularly schedule community “satsung” of chanting and meditation.

She lives in Redondo Beach with her husband, Dudley, Lilly (the dog) and Katious (the cat). When not involved with yoga, she has a Long-Arm Quilting Machine service (aka. The Quilting Yogi) where she completes quilt tops, for her various clients. She has been active member of the Neighborhood Church in PVE for over 24 years. She has been teaching a mat & chair yoga class there weekly for over 4 years.

Nectar Jolly

Nectar was raised in Syria in an Armenian Family. Became a naturalized citizen in 1988. She joined Ananda South Bay Center in 2009 thanks to the big MEDITATION banner that was hung for many years on the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Hawthorne Boulevard, just around the corner from the original South Bay Ananda Meditation Center. She found Swami Kriyananda’s teachings based on his Guru Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings very inspiring and spiritually uplifting. It is with great joy to be of service to the Center that brought so much Joy, Peace, and spiritual friendship to her heart.

Paul Fetler

Paul is an Ananda Minister and a certified Ananda Yoga and Meditation Instructor. Paul has offered yoga classes weekly for over twelve years at the Ananda South Bay and has been serving as an instructor and meditation group leader at Ananda Los Angeles since its inception in 2007. Paul’s classes and workshops combine practical wisdom, storytelling, spiritually focused asana, and meditation.

Peter Sanjaya

Peter was born at Ananda Village in Northern California. At a young age he discovered his love for Paramhansa Yogananda and wanted to share all he could of Yogananda’s teachings and vibrations. Awakening devotion through chanting and singing is very dear to his heart. Bringing spiritual truths to life by making them tangible and relatable to our daily experience gives him great joy.

He has had the blessing of residing in different Ananda communities around the world including New Delhi, India and Assisi, Italy and is a certified Ananda Yoga Teacher and Meditation Instructor.

Peter enjoyed managing, a family business that he helped grow for a number of years. sells meditation cushions, benches and other meditation supplies. The business is now thriving in Ananda village and is run by happy devotees there.

Julie Cawood

Julie has been a member of the Ananda community since 2014. She is a Certified Meditation Instructor and is excited to share the joy she receives as a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. In addition to the peace she receives during meditation, she also enjoys the creativity it brings. She writes books under the pen name JP Cawood and also works in Television Development.