Years ago, when Rammurti and I had our bookstore, I used to do the bookkeeping. Each day, after counting the previous day’s cash drawer, I would walk a few blocks to the bank to make a deposit.

One day as I stood in line at the bank, I noticed that, as some customers got to the head of the line, they stepped aside allowing the next person to go ahead. It soon became obvious that those customers were waiting for a certain new teller. 

About a week later it happened that when my turn came I was called to the window of the new teller. She was a round-faced lady, in her late thirties, plainly dressed with her hair in a bun. 

She made eye contact, smiled, said “Hi,” and began processing my deposit. As I stood there, I began to understand why the other customers had waited just for her: I felt a subtle wave emanating from her; it gradually permeated the space between us, surrounding us with…pure, compassionate love. Like a thirsty person having just discovered a spring of fresh, sparkling water, I silently drank deeply and delightedly of this unexpected and apparently effortless offering. 

Transaction completed, she smiled again. I said “Thank you” and floated out of the bank on wings of joy. I felt uplifted and comforted as if I had been given a motherly hug. We had exchanged no words other than “Hi” and “Thank you,” yet volumes had been spoken and I was changed. 

A week or two later she was gone; perhaps transferred to another branch by the “Divine Manager” in order to bestow her grace on other thirsty souls. I never saw her again, but I’ve never forgotten that divine encounter. 

I have since marveled at that unassuming saint: as a flower effortlessly offers its perfume to all who come near, so she quietly, effortlessly radiated the sublime fragrance of love. 

Someone once said that “fathomless depths of love lie hidden in the human heart waiting to be uncovered.” It is that simple. 

These words of wisdom echo the words of Paramhansa Yogananda’s O Thou Blue Sky chant: “Open thy cover, let me discover my beloved Lord, in thy heart of hearts.” 

 In this unprecedented time of “safer at home,” could the mandated cessation of our outer activities actually be a gift that allows us to spend more time nurturing our inner life? 

Let us take a few minutes each day to uncover our “heart’s natural love” and allow it to flow. With daily attentiveness, we too can learn to let it flow as effortlessly as that humble teller’s love flowed to me.

  •     Simply visualize our heart opening like a flower in the warmth of the sun to share with all needy souls the divine fragrance of love. 
  •     Recite this affirmation by Paramhansa Yogananda: “As I radiate love and goodwill to others, I open the channel for God’s love to come to me. Divine love is the magnet that draws to me all good.”
  •     Practice Paramhansa Yogananda’s Divine Will Healing technique to direct our love as healing energy.

Divine Will Healing

To practice the Divine Will Healing technique, calm the mind and ask that God’s will be done. Feel God’s loving presence as the source of healing energy, and visualize as clearly as possible the person receiving this blessing.

Lift your heart’s energy up to the spiritual eye and pray: “Divine Mother, Thou art omnipresent. Thou art in all Thy children. Thou art in (name). Manifest Thy healing presence in his/her body, mind and soul.  

Rub the palms briskly, hold up your hands, palms out, and chant Aum three times, sending energy to that person, knowing that the source of this energy is flowing from the inexhaustible storehouse of God’s love in your heart.