By Dharmadevi Romano
July 25, 2017

The first lesson in Ananda’s Health & Healing Course is “Learning to Focus.”


Imagine, your best friend falls and breaks his ankle. How would you respond? More than likely, all of your focus and attention would immediately go to helping your friend – getting him calmed down and as comfortable as possible, rushing him to the hospital, etc.

Now, imagine that same scenario but rather than all your focus going to your friend, you find yourself thinking: “What I am going to eat for lunch?” or “I really need to get new tires for my car.” or “I wonder if anyone reacted to my Facebook post from this morning!” It’s probably clear that you wouldn’t be as helpful in the latter situation. The simple reason is the lack of being in the present moment.

Hence, the reason Learning to Focus is the first and most essential lesson in our healing course. In order to be a clear channel for Divine Energy, we need the foundation of concentration. The same is true for being successful in ANY endeavor!

In some healing modalities, there’s a lack of focus on focus! The false notion being that concentration isn’t necessary because we’re channeling Divine Energy, which is intelligent and therefore doesn’t require our active participation (beyond perhaps holding our hands in a particular position). There is some truth in this statement, however, God works through willing instruments. Our willingness or receptivity is increased through concentration on the current of life force flowing through us.

It isn’t that we need to engage our intellect and try to understand what exactly the energy needs to do – to concoct the perfect prayer, or know the root cause of an illness, for example. If we can simply focus on God or one of His  attributes: Love, Sound, or Light to name a few, we will naturally radiate those qualities to those around us.

You can feel intuitively how communing with the cosmic sound of Aum or merging with the Divine Light at the point between the eyebrows would enable one to act as a pure channel for healing energy. Neither of these is possible without first learning to concentrate.

Hong-Sau is an incredible technique to learn to focus. In fact, Paramhansa Yogananda called it “the most powerful technique of concentration.” You can learn this simple and effective technique here.

We are looking forward to offering the Ananda Health & Healing Course in-person at Ananda LA in January of 2018. Stay tuned for more details. Also, check out Crystal Clarity’s new book by Mary Kretzmann called A Healer’s Handbook.