Maybe you’ve used the expression it’s all good, when you’ve wanted to convey to someone not to worry about something they may have said or done wrong or for an unfortunate situation. It’s a bit like “Hakuna Matata” for any of you Lion King fans out there.

I was recently reflecting on the Creation Story from the Bible. In it, God is manifesting the different aspects of our physical reality. He takes a pause between creating the sky, the water, the earth, the plants, animals, and human beings to see how good it all is.

Paramhansa Yogananda said became is a more appropriate word than create. God vibrated a piece of Himself/Herself and became Creation.

Literally, it is all good! At the core of everything is inherent goodness.

We all see (or at least feel in some way) the massive amount of suffering going on around the globe. Saying that suffering, disease, and destruction are all good would mean we had likely turned an indifferent eye upon our planet.

But it is helpful to understand and realize that at the core of everyone and everything is God’s light, God’s goodness. It is eventually inescapable that we all go back to that goodness.

Swami Kriyananda described it beautifully when he said that everyone is seeking happiness and trying to avoid suffering. We just aren’t necessarily sure how to achieve happiness or how to truly avoid suffering.

That thought can help us have greater compassion for those who are wandering in delusion. We are all in search of the same thing. And ultimately, each and every soul will come to recognize the pitfalls along the path and find their way back to their center where it all began – goodness.

In the meantime, we can all look for the gold of the soul at the core of everything. Look around you and affirm this very true affirmation: It’s all good!