By Nayaswami Narayan
February 6, 2018

“My Lord, my God, my all!” Saint Francis on his knees prayed with simplicity, fervor, and a deep wellspring of devotion. Bernard, a wealthy businessman, had invited Francis to his home to discover if he was truly a saint. At first Bernard was skeptical of Francis. However, when Bernard spied Francis late at night praying with such intensity and enthusiasm over and over, “My Lord, my God, my All…” he then realized Francis was a true man of God. He was drawn to God through the humble magnet of Francis and became a brother monk.

A saint once said to Paramhansa Yogananda, “God is simple. Everything else is complex. Do not seek absolute values in the relative world of nature.” God, as Swami Sri Yukteswar said, is the “Prime Simplicity.”

If God is so simple, then why do we feel at times life is so complicated? He’s become this bewildering creation and like a magician, is good at sleight of hand. When we lose our Godly focus and become distracted with the world we begin to accumulate likes, dislikes, and the burden of heavy self-definitions. A friend of mine said he almost died recently of “terminal seriousness.” A disease we are all subject to at times!

Like Francis we want to be childlike but not childish. The spiritual path could be thought of as a razor’s edge. On one side the ego rears its ugly head through superiority complex (pride, greed, hatred) and on the other as an inferiority complex (shame, self-deprecation, doubt). How do we strike the balance and find true freedom?

The way out is in! That is to say try the interiority simplex! What is that? Simplex is simple: First, you love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and then you love and serve Him in all.

I never said it was easy!

Here are some suggestions on how to practice the interiority simplex:

1. Simplify your life. As Paramhansa Yogananda said, “plain living and high thinking lead to the greatest happiness.”
2. Be childlike in your prayers and attitude toward God. “Lord, you know my troubles…help me to return to your Prime Simplicity.”
3. Organize your life in the elegantly simple words of Jesus Christ, “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Joy in the interiorized simplex of our Prime Simplicity!