By Nayaswami Narayan
March 13, 2018

About ten years ago I was visiting my parents on the east coast. Because I was jet lagged from the flight, I couldn’t sleep and got up at 2am. I went to the family room and to my surprise my father was awake watching ”The Godfather.” Well, this wasn’t a total surprise as he had watched it many times!

“Dad, why is Michael Corleone going to Miami at this stage of the story?” Although it was late at night, he perked up and responded in an animated fashion, “That’s because…” He launched into an intricate description of the plot to catch me up to speed on the motivations of a mobster.

Years later when I was practicing the energization exercises I remembered this story. If my father can have so much interest and energy in “The Godfather”, why can’t I be fascinated and utterly awe-inspired by God and his Divine Will Energy?

Paramhansa Yogananda said desire directs energy. In fact he describes will power as “Energy plus desire directed towards fulfillment.” Isn’t it true when we are interested in something we have all the energy in the world for it?

Why not take our interests inward and upward to God our true Father? It’s only because we’ve dulled our senses through focus on the material world that we’ve lost our finer capacity to become absorbed in Him.

Is God boring? One student recently asked me why think about God in relation to meditation. He loves the thrill of extreme sports. I tried to relate that God is like that rush he feels in sports. He is the “unbroken thrill” of Spirit.

There’s another story of Brother Turiyananda that illustrates this point. As a young man he asked Swami Ramdas to be his Guru. Swami Ramdas responded, “I’m not your guru. Yogananda’s your guru.” The young man replied, “But Yogananda is dead.” Without missing a beat Swami Ramdas said, “No, Yogananda’s alive. You’re dead.”

How can we then awaken and resurrect our soul nature? Instead of watching “The Godfather” let’s catch the stream of Satchidananda (ever existing, ever conscious, ever-new joy)! The good news is it’s being broadcasted on the screen of space throughout all eternity. You can tune in anytime free of charge through Aum networks and direct GTV (God TV). They run a marathon 24/7/365 unto infinity.

When we watch the livestream of Spirit, we too will wake up late at night with keen interest in God, our Heavenly Father. Then, in all-pervading silence we’ll whisper to the world the glory of His presence.

Joy & Blessings,