By Dharmadevi Romano
February 14, 2017

Not even 2 months into our relationship, Narayan and I took a trip to the East Coast to visit his family. It seemed perfectly normal to me because I had a pretty good idea we were going to get married, however, I can see now why it was a bit odd to his family. They were only hearing about me for the first time, along with his announcement, “She’s coming with me in April!”

We carried a harmonium with us (a lovely musical instrument that is sort of like an accordion that sits on the ground). Early on in our trip I began to notice a theme in Narayan’s choice of chants, in fact, it was only one chant, which begins, “In this world Mother, no one can love me.”

He wasn’t just playing the chant, he was learning it, so over and over it would go, “In this world Mother… In this world Mother, no one can love me… In this world Mother, no one can love me.” I began to get a little frustrated. Even before the trip, this chant of Paramhansa Yogananda’s had not been one of my favorites. I couldn’t understand why no one in this world could love unconditionally. But now, my boyfriend was chanting it over and over in my ear. Was he trying to tell me something or what?!

The chant goes on, “In this world, they do not know how to love me.” I think Narayan will admit now that it wasn’t the most romantic of musical selections. I will also admit it was an important lesson for me and it started our relationship out with God as the focal point.

“Where is there pure loving love?
Where is there truly loving Thee?
There my soul longs to be!”

By the end of our first vacation together, I loved the chant (and I had a great story!)

Yoganandaji shares in the book Spiritual Relationships:

“True marriage is only for people who seek divine love in human expression. This is very difficult, for almost all marriages are preceded by only a little love, with passion predominating. In such cases, sex takes the place of love. Then true love, which is unconditional, quickly slips from the heart. On the other hand, if love increases, and physical consciousness decreases, then human love evolves into divine love. Thus, both souls realize that they did not love each other as bodies, but loved God alone through their outward illusion of human love.”