By Nayaswami Narayan
July 23, 2019

Who we admire says a lot about our own character. For example, in American pop culture role models are entrepreneurs, athletes, and movie stars. We are fortunate that right now it’s the US Women’s National Soccer team. They are using their stardom to fight for not only equality in women’s pay, but also to speak against adharmic behavior. As a Nike ad says, “The Force is Female!” 

In India the force is also female, that of the Divine Mother and Her saints. India’s ancient culture has long revered saints. To give you an example, around 2006 Swami Kriyananda was giving a public lecture in India before a large crowd. At one point at the beginning of his talk, he said, “India is the guru of the world.” 

There was a moment of silence from the audience.

Then, they applauded Swamiji for a sustained period. This was not national pride. Rather, the audience expressed gratitude to Swami for acknowledging and revering the eternal aspect of Indian culture. Swami understood that what makes India great is Her masterpieces of men (and women!). They inspire us to realize our own Christ-like potential. 

Ages ago India was known as Bharata, the land of light. It was not a physical nation but a state of consciousness, a land of golden sunshine that bathed all sentient beings in Her warm embrace. And the saints arethe custodians of this eternal way: sanataan dharma. 

And how does the eternal way work? Through magnetism and divine energy. That is to say, the saints invite us through inspiration to realize our own sanctity.  

For example, I remember a very seemingly incidental experience I had with Swami Kriyananda. I was bringing over some books for him to sign at his home at the Crystal Hermitage. At the time he was about to have lunch with his cousin, Bet. Swamiji introduced me to Bet saying, “This is my friend, Phil.” (That was my name at the time)

It was such a simple exchange, yet it was fraught with meaning for me. 

“He considered me his friend?!”, I thought. He is my friend, my divine friend! “I want to exude the sweetness of a saint like him,” I thought.

Why not look up to true superheroes? How about revering and admiring the saints? Rather than, “I want to be like Mike”, try “I want to be like Christ!” 

Saints will inspire you to score the greatest goal: exit from darkness into the great light of God.

Joy & Blessings,
Nayaswami Narayan