Insurance Salesman Samadhi

By Narayan Romano
February 14, 2017

Has one of your family members ever sold you on a multi-level marketing product? Perhaps you’re currently using a magic lotion or potion that “will change your life.”

My father sold me some interesting products over the years. Everything from magnets to water purifiers. I actually sold some of the magnets too! I remember wearing them all over my body and feeling like iron man (perhaps it was from attracting metal to myself!).

I recall one time I was at an insurance convention with my father. It was one of those big whip-you-up-into-excitement-over-the-products-you-could-sell conventions. Each presenter had power point slides with charts and graphs that showed undeniably how everyone in the world needed multiple insurance policies even though they may not have had anything to insure.

Then the last presenter, the CEO of this big insurance company, took the stage. I’ll never forget his words. With no power point and in his navy blue suit and red tie, he said with a commission-inflated smile, “I am the slide!” The crowd erupted into applause. I believe some people even gave him a standing ovation. It was insurance salesman samadhi. He embodied the type of success they wanted.

Though I don’t think he was a man of Self-realization, his message stays with me to this day. The spiritual path is one of remembering who and what we are. I find this to be incredibly inspiring and hopeful. As Paramhansa Yogananda said, “my newly wakened memory divine.” You are the slide!

God’s ocean of love has become us. Each one of us is a drop of His infinite Spirit. Now all we have to do is improve our knowing.

How? Rather than saying, “I am the slide,” you can chant Yogananda’s words, “I am the bubble make me the sea…” Try meditating on Christ’s words, “I and my Father are one.” And Meditate, meditate, meditate! Saturate yourself with God’s presence.

You will find yourself smiling not from insurance commissions, but from an inner joy and divine pension that flows from the cask of silence.