By Nayaswami Narayan

A friend of our friend recently passed away from Covid-19. I suspect at this point in the pandemic many of us know someone who has lost a loved one.

Needless to say, our friend was grieving when he heard the news. Enrique, our friend’s friend, was not just a casual acquaintance. He knew him for over forty years. They grew up together, worked together, and laughed together. He described Enrique as “kind, loving, and not attached to the things of this world.”

And being a self-made man, Enrique, a plumber by profession, was quite tough. One time they were working together late into the night on a big job that combined outdoor electrical and plumbing. Although they were in Los Angeles, it was a cold winter night and the weather was close to freezing.

Our friend had a number of layers on to help ward off the cold weather. He turned to Enrique who was only wearing a white undershirt. He couldn’t believe he was braving the frigid weather which included whipping winds with nothing other than a t-shirt. 

“Aren’t you cold?,” our friend asked Enrique.

Enrique replied, “Yes, but I’m being stupid about it.” 

In Spanish the expression is much more colorful! In essence he was saying: “My body is cold, but I’m above those likes and dislikes.” His smile and the way he said it with a flash of divine wisdom, as if God was speaking through him in that moment, made a deep impression on our friend. The experience always stayed with him as a golden memory of his friendship with Enrique and how to overcome his own likes and dislikes.

At the end of our Astral Ascension ceremony for Enrique, we sang a song together by Swami Kriyananda called, “Go with Love.”  As we sang the final words, “May we be one in that light someday,” the strangest thing happened. 

Almost as if in response to our singing, we began to hear group chanting from what sounded like a distant location. Was it coming from a car outside? Someone’s room upstairs in the ashram? Angels on high?

Since we were the only ones present, it was mystifying.

Finally, we realized the iPod in the meditation temple had spontaneously turned itself on and began playing the chant, “Light the Lamp of Thy Love” by Paramhansa Yogananda. Once it dawned on us what was happening, we heard the lyrics:

Touch me but once and I will change
All my clay into Thy gold.

Enrique was speaking to us from beyond saying: “I am ascending in God. My clay of this earthly world is now being transformed into the gold of Spirit….catch me if you can!”

Thank you, Enrique, for the divine encouragement. 

May we be one in His light someday!

With love & blessings,
Nayaswami Narayan


  1. Just beautiful! Such an uplifting
    message & reminder about God & Master’s
    transforming Light & Love. Jai Guru!

  2. Talk about divine timing with just now reading this. What a beautiful story to share and it’s touching me to the core. Joy!

  3. Narayan! Namaste. Such a beautiful share! Yes! Sadly most of us have lost at least someone if not many to Covid. Those who leave us DO speak to us in mysterious ways. My in-laws passed this April in India in a small village. It was sudden, fast and furious. We were in utter SHOCK. We lost them within a week of each other. i spoke with my mother-in-law as she was gazing at my father-in-laws lifeless body shortly after he passed. i stayed on the phone with her for an hour until the paramedics got there. i asked her if she wanted me to do any pujas or anything in his memory and she said no. She actually was a bit giddy. She said she was so content and glad that “pappaji” was now with God. He lived a simple and noble life and told her he would be leaving his body. They prayed together and he was gone in a matter of minutes afterwards. It was amazing to me how connected they were to their primordial source. I feel blessed to have had such amazing in-laws as sad as the story goes. She passed a week later on a Monday morning on the 7th day of the Goddess Shakti Festival with her eyes open and looking upward. They DO speak to us after they have left us! That is an undeniable truth if we know how to listen with our heart center and soul.

  4. That could only have been a friend of Dharana! Lovely story, thank you!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it, Roberta. It was a blessing to experience Enrique’s soul speaking to us in that way. Joy & Blessings to you!

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