The Power of Love

By Tracey Schuster
April 11, 2017

In the early morning hours, when the veil between the material world and the other worlds is thin, I often awaken with phrases from Master’s chants, affirmations, poems, and other writings running through my mind. It amazes me how perfectly his words attune with whatever is going on with my life situation at the time. These spiritual experiences remain vivid and comfort me in times of need.

My most recent experience occurred a few days ago. Recently I have been under much stress as my elderly parents are having health challenges and have required changes in their home situation to help them continue to live independently. I have been shouldering the responsibility of making all of the necessary arrangements for modifications to their home and life-style.

My mind has been very restless, as my Ego has worked to keep me suffering with fear, worry, and resentments. Maintaining my Inner Peace has been difficult with my head speaking much more loudly than my heart. My Faith in my spiritual path has been shaken, which was exactly what my Ego wanted.

So when I awoke with these words on my mind, I knew immediately that the message was to help me still my restlessness and restore my Faith by centering my consciousness back onto my heart:

“Access the Mind through the Heart.”

The reminder to start with the heart, not the mind, and rely on the power of the pure Love that resides there to guide me, quieted my “monkey mind”. I was able to accomplish what I needed for my parents from a place of love rather than fear and positively transform their physical and psychological situation. Their love and gratitude for my assistance brought us closer than we have been in many, many years. I was even able to enlist the help of my emotionally-distant brother, who became willing to team up with me to complete important projects. If we have faith that the power of the heart will get us through the trials and tribulations that are given to us as lessons in this life, we can use the mind as the wonderful tool it is and indeed, “awaken His love in all hearts,” as Paramhansa Yogananda wrote.

In His Love,