We’ve been hearing a lot about exponential growth these days. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of growth we would like to see. I had a conversation about this kind of growth before the global pandemic erupted. It was of a very different nature – the exponential growth of a particular company’s stock! 

Mind you, though I am married to a man who worked on Wall Street, I have absolutely no interest in the stock market. I was, however, fascinated by the idea of exponential growth. My friend was sharing with me about a typical investment. “Usually,” she explained, “we are accustomed to a linear growth rate. Having a ten percent return on investment equals a good investment.” This company, however, was expecting a growth rate of ten times the initial investment, i.e. exponential growth!

After remembering this conversation and hearing the recent news of the coronavirus spreading exponentially, I started reflecting on this phenomena of exponential growth and how it relates to us on a deeper level. One of the characteristics of Dwapara Yuga is acceleration. Things move more quickly. Innovations happen at a faster rate. Technology is constantly changing, upgrading, and new apps are being developed every day. Our pace has become truly fast and furious. 

And now, with the state of the world, many of us are inside, (some) with a lot more time on our hands than we are used to. Mother Nature is forcing us to reflect and slow down, to be more conscious of what we are doing, and how. Now is a great opportunity for exponential Self-realization! 

Maybe you’ve been consciously on the spiritual path for some time. Have you ever thought, “How can I get from ‘here’ to ‘there’?” “There” being our goal of Self-realization or constant union with Bliss. If we continue on at the rate we’ve been going, in terms of our spiritual growth, it can seem that we won’t ever make it. Now exponential growth becomes our friend! 

How can we tap into the power of exponential Self-realization? 

  1. Do your part. Right now, you may be feeling out of sorts, helpless, possibly even hopeless in the face of these challenging times. God only asks that we do our best in each circumstance. One thing, possibly the only thing, we have control over, is our reaction to these circumstances. We can choose to meditate with all the concentration and devotion we can muster. 
  2. Let God and Guru do Their parts. We can only receive Divine help and Grace if we are open to it. Offer yourself fully into the Divine hands, waiting for each of us ever-so-patiently. Then, God and Guru can take charge of our lives.
  3. Paramhansa Yogananda said the spiritual path is 25% our effort, 25% the Guru’s effort on our behalf, and 50% the grace of God. 

Put your faith in the power of exponential Self-realization!