Yoga for Pain-Free Living Workshop

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Come join us in this 2-hour workshop where you will learn how to use yoga postures, breathing techniques, and more, to properly align your body, joints, and breath, to empower you to lead a pain-free life.

Vitality is the natural state of the soul, health is our birthright. Yet, through faulty habits, physically and energetically, we have developed dysfunctional patterns in our bodies and minds. Learn how, with simple interventions, you can reclaim your birthright of health, strength, and vitality.

In this workshop you will learn:

– Easily applied techniques to reduce and eliminate pain; skeletal and muscular.
– Proper posture
– Correct breathing; a building block to pain-free living and optimal health
– How to use yoga postures to bring your body and mind into your natural state of health
– How to draw upon cosmic energy to recharge the body-cells with vitality
– Yogananda’s unique Energization Exercises

Will Nassif is a certified personal trainer, LMT Stretch Therapist, Fitness Instructor, and has studied with some of the top minds in the world of rehabilitation and pain-free living. His techniques are empowering, simple, and easily applied in daily life. Click here to view his website for more information about Will.

Keshava Betts has a passion for Yogananda’s teachings on health and vitality, especially for the unique set of exercises, the Energization Exercises. Keshava is a certified Ananda Yoga teacher, and has been sharing Yogananda’s Energization Exercises for the last five years.


Will Nassif is a passionate Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist dedicated to spreading his knowledge acquired over the past 7 years in the field of fitness, rehabilitation and performance. Through constant continuing education, Will stays on the cutting edge of his profession and has been certified in ​Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization​, ​Active Release Technique​, ​Titleist Performance​Trainingand​PosturalRestoration.​ Overthepast2years,Willhasbeenthe corporate wellness provider for companies such as ​THC Design​ and ​Quality Concentrates​, responsible for maintaining a healthy work environment for employees, as well as providing yoga classes, fitness workshops and private training sessions. Will has experience coaching the UCLA Powerlifting Team and leading the first ever strength and conditioning program at Crossroads School of Arts and Sciences. As an athlete, Will has competed in amateur boxing and set a state powerlifting record in the squat. Currently, Will practices martial arts, yoga and weightlifting to continue to learn and share his knowledge with his clients.

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