Yoga for Overcoming Anxiety: A Moving Meditation

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In Ananda Yoga, the main emphasis is its contribution toward meditation and an inner life. Hatha yoga asanas (postures) are an excellent preparation for meditation, because they release stress, tension, physical and mental restlessness, and blockages of energy in the spine. The bodily positions of the asanas sow in the mind subtle seeds of specific states of consciousness. In Ananda Yoga, we use the power of the mind — concentration, sensitive awareness, and intention — to make those states of mind more dynamic to our awareness, thus greatly aiding our meditation. Our practice today will highlight awakening divine peace and calmness as a natural state of human existence. We will conclude with a guided meditation that includes chanting and practicing an affirmation for peace by Swami Kriyananda, from his book Affirmations for Self-Healing.

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