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What will be the new normal? Job losses? Food shortages? What actually can we do to make a difference? Can yogis create our own Noble New “Normal?” 

The Noble New

Sing songs that none have sung,

Think thoughts that ne’er in brain have rung,

Walk in paths that none have trod,

Weep tears as none have shed for God,

Give peace to all to whom none other gave,

Claim him your own who’s everywhere disclaimed.

Love all with love that none have felt, and brave

The battle of life with strength unchained.

Songs of the Soul (1983), Paramhansa Yogananda


Join us on Zoom for this on-going guest series that will focus on how our lives will change in 2020 and the years beyond. 

Suggested Donation: $15 per class

(Those who donate will be offered a complimentary copy of the ebook: The Road Ahead by Swami Kriyananda)

Guest speakers will talk about what Swami Kriyananda learned from Paramhansa Yogananda about the road ahead. We will talk about the financial future for individuals and communities. We will talk about the astrology of our current situation. We will talk about how small communities can support us in hard times and address practical questions such as “Should we take disaster preparedness seriously and begin storing food and water?”  

Our guest devotees have already given extensive thought to these diverse issues and will share their expertise with us in this ongoing series.

Paramhansa Yogananda said: “You don’t know what a terrible cataclysm is coming!

Are we living in that time?

We are in the middle of challenging situation. It’s easy to get caught by fear, anger, restlessness, depression, and hopelessness. With solution consciousness, we can prepare ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually to help create a new reality and step into the next great adventure that Divine Mother has in store for us on The Road Ahead.

Let us create a Noble New future together. Join us on Zoom.


September 1, 2020

Nayaswami Devarshi

We Were Born for This Moment: How We Got Here, Where We’re Going, How to Get There

Devarshi will share his perspective on where we are now in our progress through the pandemic and the challenges we are facing. He will speak on how we got here, where we are going, and how to get there.

Changes bring challenges and challenges bring opportunities. What should we look for to take advantage of these opportunities?

He will also explore how the religion of the New Age, particularly the practice of Kriya yoga, can help us now.

Devarshi heads an experiment in plain living and high thinking in India located between Mumbai and Pune. There he and an international group of monks share a simple life that bridges the gap between living a more traditional rural life-style and working daily in a high-tech environment teaching, counseling and sharing with people all over the globe. In many ways they were already prepared for the pandemic by having chosen a simple lifestyle based on Paramhansa Yogananda’s dictum “Simplicity of living plus high thinking lead to the greatest happiness.” 

He will use this experience as a launching pad to suggest directions we may want to explore in our own lives, whatever our immediate circumstances.

Devarshi says:

“I’ve always had a strong interest in deepening my own Kriya practice, and in helping others with their Kriya practice. Kriya is the most powerful and practical tool that exists for hastening our spiritual growth. I’ve seen this in my own life and in many, many others.” 

Join us to hear what this deep Kriyaban has to share about the world we now face and the world yet to come.

A long-time Ananda minister and Raja Yoga teacher, Nayaswami Devarshi is the head of the Ananda Global Kriya Sangha, in charge of the Ananda Monks Monastic order and is Head Monk of the Ananda Khandala Monastery, India.
For years he was in charge of the Kriya Yoga Programs at The Expanding Light, preparing devotees to receive Kriya Yoga and giving Kriya initiation all over the world.
Devarshi has served the Ananda communities in Seattle, Washington and Assisi, Italy, as well as at Ananda Village and in India. Prior to joining the Kriya Sangha, Devarshi held a position on Swami Kriyananda’s personal staff for seven years and has also served as webmaster and creator of Ananda’s award-winning website.
He came to Ananda in 1977, moved to Ananda Village, and joined Swami Kriyananda in his work.

Past Speakers:


June 9, 2020

David Gamow 

Stand Unshaken Amidst the Crash of Financial Worlds

We are going through a time of enormous change. Much about what is happening has never happened before or happened so long ago it is scarcely relevant to today. But the underlying laws that govern business, the economy and finance themselves do not change.

How will these laws play out in the current uncertain circumstances both to individual and business finances and what are the implications for our spiritual community as we move into the future?

David Gamow has been a student of the economy and financial markets for almost 50 years. He has been a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda for nearly 40 years. He brings a rare combination of spiritual depth and financial understanding to this discussion of our financial future.


David is the founder and manager with his wife Karen, of Clarity Seminars, a twenty-five-year-old consulting firm which provides workplace stress management, leadership and resilience training for corporations and the military. In his spare time, David also manages East West Bookshop in Mountain View, California.


June 16, 2020

Dana Lynne Andersen

Creating a Noble New Tomorrow from the Cauldron of Chaos

Change is a constant. Anything can change at any minute. We have always known that is true. Now we, as the human community, have seen it happen. In a wink, our world as we knew it transformed. And so will it continue.

The year 2020 has brought a radical break from “normal” and given us an opportunity for self-inquiry and a reassessment of how we live. The enforced pause in our activities and recent global chaos can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. Could these chaotic times be an opportunity to release what is no longer serving us and allow higher possibilities?

As the past is fading, nascent worlds are quietly coming into being. With our old “normal” fracturing we have a rare opportunity to make meaningful changes that seemed impossible in past times of greater stability and resistance.

When everything is changing, creativity is more possible.

Periods of chaos and upheaval can be frightening, but also potentially liberating. In times of chaos there develops a singular and invaluable power. How we use this expanding momentum is up to us.

All around us a new reality is ripening. Letting go of what is in the past and embracing the future is a superconscious activity not limited to saints and masters. Any of us can tap into the realm of possibility and become a co-creator of our noble new tomorrow.

With her boundless energy and positivity, Dana Lynne Andersen explains how we can let go of the constantly calculating and limiting mind and allow ourselves to access the creative flow of limitless possibility that exists in everyone.

Dana Lynne Andersen is a multimedia artist, writer, playwright and teacher whose paintings have been featured on the covers of books, magazines and calendars. Her artwork and visionary thinking have been explored in newspapers, radio and television.
A pioneer in the field of art and consciousness, Dana is an internationally recognized artist and creative, and founder of Awakening Arts Academy in Italy and the US. She uses the arts to catalyze personal transformation and collective evolution. Dana is also a loving and inspiring teacher, a “Vesuvius of Creativity” and an “important visionary for the consciousness community.”


June 23, 2020

Dharma Widmann

COVID, Karma & the Road Ahead: An Astrological Perspective

Jyotisha, often loosely translated in the West as Vedic Astrology, is the Path of Light. It is an ancient and effective tool that shines Light on human situations (individual as well as national). That Light gives insights and increases clarity as to the underlying karmic causes for any given situation. We will use the chart of the United States as well as current planetary transits to give perspective on the COVID crisis and what things look like going forward. Time permitting, we will fit this understanding into the larger perspective of the ascending age (Yuga) that we are in: Ascending Dwapara Yuga.

Dharma Widmann has been practicing Kriya meditation for decades. He has taught Sanskrit for nearly 30 years and is also a professional Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer). He lived in India at the Ananda Ashram for one year where he taught meditation and led chanting groups. An additional year was spent on pilgrimage throughout India. Before living in India, Dharma spent decades working in Silicon Valley as an engineer and executive while teaching meditation, Sanskrit, and other spiritual classes.


July 7, 2020

Asha Nayaswami

Eve of Destruction or Dawn of a New Age…or Both? Yogananda’s Predictions for the Road Ahead

None of us is immune to mass karma, and it is no accident that we are here on the planet at this special time. Should we be afraid for our lives and concentrate on only saving ourselves? Should we withdraw from the world or do we have a responsibility and mission to complete?

Over the span of 40 years, in classes and in conversations with Swami Kriyananda, Asha Nayaswami learned what Paramhansa Yogananda said about the coming of turbulent times and why such upheaval is necessary for both personal and planetary evolution.

With her grasp of the spiritual big picture and in her inimitable way she clarifies for us our purpose and our mission in participating in these challenging and interesting times.

Asha Nayaswami’s talks and online classes are a spiritual lifeline for people around the world. Thousands have received training from her over the past 45 years. She has a gift for deep spiritual clarity, and the ability to offer it in a way that reaches the mind and the heart.
She serves as Ananda Sangha’s global ambassador at the request of her lifelong teacher, Swami Kriyananda. A long-time disciple of Yogananda, she is author of Swami Kriyananda: Lightbearer: The Life and Legacy of a Disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, Ask Asha, Loved & Protected, Swami Kriyananda as We Have Known Him, and has appeared in the film Finding Happiness.
Asha is one of the spiritual directors of Ananda Palo Alto, but her home is increasingly in every corner of the globe, often through online webinars. She regularly gives Sunday services and teaches on Saturdays and Tuesday evenings (a book study series based on Paramhansa Yogananda or Swami Kriyananda’s writings).


July 14, 2020

Puru Selbie

Our Turbulent Times Through the Lens of the 24,000-Year Yuga Cycles

Is the past prologue? Can we learn from the past what might be in store for us today? According to the yuga cycle—India’s ancient 24,000-year cycle of human development—we are now in Dwapara Yuga, an age hallmarked by the knowledge of energy, both subtle and electromagnetic.

We can look to the past to see what events were taking place in the period of the last Dwapara Yuga that corresponds to our own. For the people living then it was the end of a descending Dwapara Yuga; for us it is the beginning of an ascending Dwapara Yuga. As the last Dwapara Yuga came to its end, it was a time marked by dramatic change, the disappearance of civilizations, the end of the age of magic, and the end of awareness of subtle energy. We are now ascending to greater and higher development; they were descending into greater decline. What are the revealing parallels to be explored? Join us and find out.


Purushottama (Joseph) Selbie
Few people are as qualified as Puru to speak about this subject. His book, The Yugas: Keys to Understanding Our Hidden Past, Emerging Energy Age and Enlightened Future, is the definitive work on the subject and an important book that will may eventually revolutionize our view of history and how it is playing out. Even if you already know something about the Yugas, the depth and breadth of his knowledge will expand your own.
An avid follower of the unfolding new paradigms in science, he is known for creating bridges of understanding between the modern evidenced-based discoveries of science and the ancient experience-based discoveries of the mystics.
A dedicated Kriya meditator for 45 years, he has taught yoga and meditation throughout the US and Europe. His passion is helping people to find their own spiritual potential, helping them understand how the expression of that potential ushers into the world an unstoppable wave of peaceful consciousness.
In the four-and-a-half decades of his Ananda life, he has been Village manager, director of The Expanding Light, IT Director, head of Crystal Clarity Publishers, spearhead for Ananda’s work in Europe and Seattle, and has raised four children.
He is also the founder and CEO of Tristream, a leading-edge web and interactive design agency which helped pioneer user interface design for the web and for richly interactive web-based applications. Tristream has served Fortune 1000 companies such as Cisco, KPMG, Manpower, Ariba, and Logitech. While active in the industry, Joseph taught the principles of interactive design at conferences in the US, England, Holland, and Spain.
Puru is the author of other books exploring how spirituality connects with culture and science, including:
The Physics of God that sets aside the pervasive material bias of science and lifts the obscuring fog of religious sectarianism to reveal the unity of science and religion.
He has also authored a sci/fi fantasy series, The Protectors Diaries, inspired by the abilities of mystics.
He is currently working on a new book, Neuroscience, Meditation, Superconsciousness, and God, an exploration of the intersections of neuroscience with experiential spirituality.
This will be a uniquely informative, interesting, and enjoyable gathering. Puru is creative, brilliant, and extremely engaging as a speaker.


July 21, 2020

Nayaswami Anand, Ananda Assisi and Vandana Shiva, world-renowned environmentalist, author, and founder of Navdanya

The Cooperative Community’s Sustainable Solution

Intentional, cooperative, self-sustaining world brotherhood colonies are described by Paramhansa Yogananda as the solution to surviving and thriving in hard times. “Plain living and high thinking”, Master said, are more readily accomplished in a small community of like-minded people where they could cultivate real happiness and live a fulfilling life.

This evening we are privileged to talk with Nayaswami Anand of Ananda Assisi as he shares his assessment of the future of eco-communities in Europe and his vision for the Assisi community which is a part of Ananda Europa. Anand’s goal is to transform the current colony from an organization dependent on the infrastructure of the larger economy into a self-sustaining community that can better withstand the trends, upsets and upheavals of hard times to come.

Anand will share a short video introduction of the Ananda Assisi community, then will treat us with his conversation with Vandana Shiva, world-renowned environmentalist and eco-activist, regarding the small community solution. Shiva’s work is especially focused on the opportunities inherent in the current societal disruption, caused by the pandemic, to return to the land and to live in much more harmony with Divine Mother as She manifests in nature.


Nayaswami Anand became a disciple of Yogananda and a devotee on the path of Self-Realization in 1973. After living many years at Ananda Village, he and his wife Nayaswami Kirtani were asked by Swami Kriyananda to become the spiritual directors of Ananda Assisi.
He has traveled throughout Europe, giving lectures and seminars on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and Self-realization. In 2005 Swami Kriyananda authorized him to give initiation into Kriya Yoga.
Nayaswami Anand is the manager and director of the Assisi community of about 80 people and works tirelessly to promote Yogananda’s ideal of intentional, cooperative, self-sustaining communities.

Internationally renowned environmentalist Vandana Shiva is also a physicist, philosopher, outspoken social activist, food sovereignty advocate and the author of over 20 books.
After completing her graduate education in the West and working for the Indian government, Shiva worked on grassroots campaigns to prevent large-scale destruction of natural resources in India. She was a critic of Asia’s Green Revolution, an international effort to entice family farmers to use higher-yielding GMO seeds and increase the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This campaign she maintains, led to pollution, a loss of indigenous seed diversity and traditional agricultural knowledge, and the troubling dependence of poor farmers on costly chemicals.
In the 1980 and 90’s Shiva founded several organizations and projects to combat the agricultural monocultures promoted by large corporations. Her organization, Navdanya, formed seed banks in India and educated farmers on the benefits of conserving their unique strains of seed crops. She argues that, particularly in a time of climate change, the homogenization of crop production is dangerous. Unlike native seed strains, developed over long periods of time and therefore adapted to the conditions of a given area, the seed strains promoted by large corporations requires the application of large amounts of fertilizer and pesticides.
Shiva’s vision is that a decentralized approach to agriculture, based upon a diverse array of locally adapted seeds, is more likely to weather the vagaries of a changing climate, than a system relying on only a few varieties. She anticipated the danger of the patenting of life forms so that corporations can require farmers to purchase their seeds after local varieties had been eliminated. In 2001 she opened Bija Vidyapeeth, a school and organic farm offering month-long courses in sustainable living and agriculture.
Another of her key concepts is that the biological wealth of poorer countries is often appropriated by global corporations that neither seek their hosts’ consent nor share the profits and is tantamount to biological theft.
Vandana Shiva has been interviewed in many ecological and environmental film documentaries. She plays a major role in the global Ecofeminist movement. In 1993 she was the recipient of the Right Livelihood Award, regarded as the “Alternative Nobel Prize.”


July 28, 2020

Nayaswami Narayan

Self-Realization: The Religion of the Future

What is the future of religion? Is there a future for religion?

Almost one-third of Americans now say they are “spiritual, not religious.” Ironically, the religion of the future is not a religion! It is a new expression of an ancient truth: Self-realization.

Paramhansa Yogananda once said, “You are on the eve of a great spiritual awakening, a great change in the churches, where true souls will be drawn to seek the actual experience of God’s presence.”

We are now at that dynamic point of transformation. We are moving from the materialism of Kali Yuga to the energy flow of Dwapara Yuga, from the hierarchy and paternalism of past religious form to the equality and individuality of spiritual experience, from outward religious ritual to inner Self-realization.

Join us for an inspirational discussion on the future of religion: the essence of Self-realization.

  • Churchianity versus Original Christianity
  • Outward Ritual versus Original Yoga
  • The Nature of Self-realization
  • Techniques of God Communion (Kriya Yoga)
  • Devotion and Love for God (the “art” of Self-realization)

During a time of utter desperation through a miraculous answer to prayer, Nayaswami Narayan found the Autobiography of a Yogi and became a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. At the time, he was working in New York City in the financial markets at Bloomberg L.P. There he developed the training program for new hires and worked as a team leader servicing institutional clients.
After meeting Swami Kriyananda and being initiated into Kriya Yoga, he left the east coast to live at Ananda Village. He served at Crystal Clarity Publishers and with his wife, Nayaswami Dharmadevi, they launched “Online with Ananda” and the “Ananda Everywhere” virtual community.
Narayan and Dharmadevi were made Ananda ministers, Lightbearers, and Kriyacharyas by Nayaswamis Jyotish & Devi. Both are long-time meditators and Kriyabans, as well as certified Ananda Meditation & Yoga Instructors. They are among the handful of Lightbearers ordained to initiate people into Kriya Yoga.
At Swami Kriyananda’s request, they moved to Los Angeles and became the spiritual directors of Ananda LA in 2010.


August 4, 2020

Kabir MacDow

Plan Ahead: What you Need for Coming Hard Times

Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda urged us to be ready to navigate challenging times. Master predicted a catastrophe, among other world-changing events. In addition to remaining calm and maintaining our daily spiritual practices, there are many practical things we can do to prepare ourselves in case of an unforeseen emergency.
Included in this introductory workshop:

  • Preparing for changes and challenges
  • Clean air, for the breath of life
  • Clothing and Shelter, for core temperature control
  • Finding, collecting and purifying water
  • Fire and light
  • Medical concerns and first aid
  • Food and food preparation
  • Communication
  • Tools and skills to have
  • Preparedness: putting it all together

Learn how to plan ahead; how to gain the knowledge and skills needed to keep ourselves and our families healthy and safe through the most threatening of circumstances.

Kabir will give us an overview of the supplies and tools necessary for facing challenges in times of crisis. He will share how we can be resilient and prepared for survival. Participants will receive a free, complete, prioritized listing of items and skills to have ready, based on different emergency scenarios.

He will discuss the unique considerations for those living in a big city and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Kabir’s underlying compassion and quick wit promise to make this evening’s presentation instructive, inspiring and entertaining.


Kabir has had a lifelong interest in solo wilderness camping, hiking, and bushcrafting. Over the years he has acquired wilderness survival knowledge and skills that allow him to attune to the natural environment, including as a Master Boy Scout Leader and Survival Skills Trainer. This special knowledge, plus having a calm mind and common sense, can serve anyone in a crisis or disaster situation, wherever they may be. He has given emergency preparedness workshops for many years and in several countries.
Following the request of Swami Kriyananda, in the late 1990’s Kabir organized and coordinated community-wide, twelve-point programs of emergency preparedness, at Ananda Village and at Ananda Assisi.
A born teacher, Kabir MacDow has been an educator for more than 40 years and was one of the early developers of the Education for Life System and Ananda Schools (Living Wisdom Schools). He founded the Palo Alto Living Wisdom High School.
He has international educational experience having taught in several Living Wisdom Schools and helped to develop schools and school systems in Austria, Italy, India and the U.S. In the UAE he helped establish a Junior College for the government of Abu Dhabi. He has developed and taught in EFL Teacher Training Programs in both India and the U.S.
Kabir currently works in India helping to integrate Education for Life understanding and practices into the government mandated curriculum for use in public and private schools.
A Nayaswami, Lightbearer, minister and counsellor, Kabir has been a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda since coming to Ananda in 1977.


August 11, 2020

Shurjo and Narayani, Directors of Ananda Mumbai

How to Move Yourself and Your Community Forward in the Midst of Chaos & Fear

Shurjo and Narayani will be sharing how they view these unprecedented times and their ideas and perspectives on how we can adapt ourselves and our communities to the coming changes: The Noble New Normal.

From a much broader perspective: How did we get here? Why are we here now? Is this pandemic a gift from the Great Masters? From Babaji? If so to what purpose?

How does a community of devotees move forward from an in-person to online ministry, especially in one of the hottest spots for Coronavirus in the entire world? How can devotees support one another while isolated? What does one do to stay strong and brave in the face of such a serious outbreak?

What can community members look forward to as the direction for an urban community in a still dangerous post-pandemic future? Will the form and service of Ananda Mumbai be different in the future? Does this pandemic encourage the devotees in Mumbai to be more open to create a rural residential community? Or an urban residential community? Or is that even an option in India?


Tyagis Shurjo and Narayani are the Spiritual Directors of Ananda Mumbai.
Born Ana Maria, in a small town in Spain, Narayani was introduced to the spiritual path when she was 20. After reading Autobiography of a Yogi, her life was changed forever, and she began her journey towards Self-realization. Soon after, Narayani encountered a major health karma in the form of cancer, through which she gained greater courage and deepened her faith in the path. She had a miraculous healing through Swami Kriyananda’s music.
In 2010 Swamiji asked her to become his personal assistant and caregiver. From that time until, literally, his last breath, the last 4 years of his life, she was by his side. Decades of spiritual training were compressed into a few short years. Thus, she was prepared by Swamiji to carry his spirit and message of Self-Realization to a new generation of devotees and to the world. Before Swami Kriyananda’s passing, he requested Narayani to write a book about her personal experiences with him. She has now authored the book, My Heart Remembers Swami Kriyananda.
Shurjo joined Ananda in 2009 after completing his B.F. Tech degree from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Kolkata, India. As a youngster, he always questioned life’s true purpose, it’s real meaning. While studying at NIFT, he came upon the book, the Autobiography of a Yogi. Shurjo committed himself to the path of Self-realization. He took his monastic or brahmacharya vows at a young age of 21. At a time when most youngsters allow themselves the freedom to enjoy life – Shurjo committed his life to the goal of
Self-realization. He was one of the first among the group of monks to support the work at the fledgling Ananda Community, Pune, in 2009.
While living at Pune, he met his shakti, Narayani, adding a new chapter in his spiritual journey. In 2012, Swami Kriyananda, himself, blessed their union happily, saying, “It will help the work.” Joining Narayani, Shurjo served as Swami Kriyananda’s personal assistant and caregiver for the last year of his life until passing from his life on this earth in 2013.
Shurjo and Narayani have been sharing the principles of Yoga, Meditation and Self-realization in cities across India and throughout the world. They have lived and served in Ananda communities and ashrams in Pune, Delhi, Assisi (Italy), and Nevada City, California. They have taken on the responsibility of being Spiritual Directors at Ananda Mumbai since 2015. Online, they have an extensive library of offerings: Ananda Sangha Mumbai (YouTube Channel) & Ananda Sangha Mumbai Facebook (Videos).


August 18, 2020

Hriman Gilloway, Director of Ananda Seattle

The Road Ahead to No-Thing-Ness

Before we can look ahead, let’s take a moment to look back in time first. The 19th and 20th centuries were a march down the road of destruction of traditional values and an affirmation of endless conflict. Marx predicted conflict among social and economic classes; Darwin, survival of the fittest (dog eat dog); Freud, revealed our conflicted human minds; Nietzsche declared that God is dead and soon would be human values as well. Now science says matter doesn’t matter because the universe (big and small) is mostly empty of matter!

Is there a trend here? Indeed, there is, and it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see where it’s going. Or, does it? Does the road ahead lead to no-where? Or, can something come from no-thing? Nayaswami Hriman will share with us the secret behind what’s ahead. All will be revealed. But there’s a catch: “you have to be present to win.” Stay tuned!


Nayaswami Hriman McGilloway has been a member of Ananda since 1977. He and his wife, Nayaswami Padma, lived at Ananda Village until 1993 serving in Ananda management and ministry, and raising their two children.
Together they have been the spiritual directors of the Ananda Sangha in Washington since 1993 at the site of the Blue Lotus Temple and the Institute of Living Yoga in Bothell, WA. Hriman teaches meditation classes, conducts meditation retreats and intensive programs. He also conducts the Yoga Alliance Level 2 Meditation Teacher Training as part of the Institute of Living Yoga. Students appreciate not just his knowledge and insights but his humor and practicality.
A graduate of the University of Santa Clara in California in 1972, Hriman became a Certified Public Accountant in 1974, specializing in estate tax planning and investment planning. In his role as co-director of Ananda’s work in Washington State, Hriman oversees not just the work of the Ananda teaching center in Bothell but its member-run affiliates such as East West Bookshop of Seattle, Ananda Farm on Camano Island, Ananda (residential) Community in Lynnwood, and the Living Wisdom School (offering children’s’ enrichment programs).
Hriman has had the blessing of the friendship, guidance and personal training of Ananda’s founder, Swami Kriyananda (1926-2013).


August 25, 2020

Zach and Hailey Abbey, Ananda Farm Camano Island

Harmony & Cooperation with Mother Earth in the Challenging Years To Come

Zach and Hailey Abbey share their perspectives on these challenging times: how our attunement (or lack of attunement) to nature and to the land on which we live, will ultimately define our ability to survive hard times. They’ll share how that relationship informs so much of the rest of our lives and what we can do to bring ourselves more into alignment with the natural forces which our modern culture obscures to the point of hiding. They will talk about the process of becoming partners with nature, and how to follow Mother Nature’s lead in all aspects of our lives, not only in agriculture.

Please join us in learning what this dynamic and inspiring couple have manifested and their uplifting view of the future. Share in discovering more about their home sometimes referred to as the Yoga-Nature Homestead.


Ananda Farm Camano Island

We are a no-till natural farm, homestead, and Yoga Ashram on Camano Island in Washington State. It all began in December 2012. The 14-acre farm is a true community project, in the sense that it was financed by 25 individuals who pooled money to buy land in the country, and also as a branch of the Ananda Washington family tree. At Ananda Farm, we are committed to farming with Spirit. To us that means aspiring towards harmony and cooperation with life, in the growing awareness that all life is rooted in the same Eternal Source.

Currently there are 9 full time human residents, 7 alpacas, 5 goats, 2 dogs, 4 cats, many chickens, and an ever- expanding life-scape of trees, gardens, birds and bees. It’s healthy, happy, and a bit wild looking!

“Natural Farming” is a direction of agriculture which seeks to unite the world of food cultivation with the natural world, both of which we depend on and are a part of. We seek to provide both prana-filled food and basic needs for simple living, including our line of natural herbal products, and alpaca-fiber textiles. We participate in 3 farmers markets, provide a diverse array of herbal medicinals and body care products, and a line of textiles made from the fiber of our alpacas.

As a yoga ashram, we follow the teachings of the great Indian Yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda, centered in the daily practice of meditation, and through the application of spiritual principles on the farm.


The Philosophical & Agricultural Inspiration of Ananda Farm Camano Island 

Earth’s present condition of global trauma is not “natural,” but a result of humanity’s destructive actions. 

And, according to Masanobu Fukuoka, the agricultural guiding light for Ananda Farm, it is reversible. We need to change not only our methods of earth stewardship, but also the very way we think about the relationship between human beings and nature.

Fukuoka developed what he called “natural farming,” involved working with, not in opposition to, nature. This no-till agricultural approach is a radical challenge to the global systems that supply the world’s food. Fukuoka’s inspiring and internationally best-selling book, The One-Straw Revolution,  describes his philosophy of natural farming and why he came to farm the way he did. Only by greening the desert, he said, would the world ever achieve true food security.

The amazing thing about One Straw is that it is not a book about farming – it is Revelation, about Life itself, and our true purpose as people on this planet. Prior to returning to Nature themselves, and realizing this apparent revolution founded upon a single strand of straw, neither Zach nor Hailey had ever considered a path of agriculture, much less a ‘natural life.’ One Straw changed everything. It awakened seeds in them, long dormant, but now ready for germination.

The solutions to the world’s problems are never so complex as they are perceived. At its broadest, the Natural Farming philosophy can rehabilitate the deserts of the world, including practical solutions for feeding a growing human population, rehabilitating damaged landscapes, reversing the spread of desertification, and providing a deep understanding of the relationship between human beings and nature. This message comes right at the time when people around the world seem to have lost their frame of reference. Natural Farming offers us a way forward. 


Zach and Hailey Abbey have been with Ananda Farm Camano Island since the beginning and have been over-joyed to over-see the farm grow into a beautiful community-homestead-ashram.
In addition to supervising and inspiring the farming, they are active ministers at the Ananda Church of Self-Realization in Bothell.
Zach is inspired by sowing seeds, grafting trees, and getting the little (and big) things done each day.
Hailey is the engine that keeps the farm expanding with every season and is a wonderful mentor for the critters and farmers, alike. The neighbors look for her smile at the markets and among the flowers.

Hosted by Rammurti and Sita


Sita Reed first studied yoga while living in Japan in the mid-seventies after reading the Autobiography of a Yogi while traveling through India.
She joined Ananda Village in 1977, has served as kitchen manager and head chef in Ananda kitchens at the Village, Palo Alto and in India. She was co-owner of BookBuyers in Mountain View for 24 years and co-managed East-West Bookshop, Palo Alto, in the late nineties. She wrote and edited copy for Ananda Sangha Publications while living at the Gurgaon, India ashram.
Sita is a long-time Lightbearer with Ananda and has been active in a variety of roles focused on natural healing, nutrition, pranayama, yoga postures and Yogananda’s healing techniques. She co-taught the first Palo Alto Yoga Teacher Training Course in 1993.  She is a teacher, counselor, and offers a loving heart to all who meet her.
Rammurti Reed learned of Yogananda in the 1950s as a sophomore in high school when he discovered the Autobiography of a Yogi in a local college library. Before coming to Ananda he was a pastor in the Wesleyan Church, taught at the University of Indianapolis and was on staff at Indiana University.
In addition to teaching, he started and managed a variety of businesses, including four retail book outlets and the online component of his brainchild BookBuyers, one of the largest bookstores in California, which he ran for 24 years. He was also president and CEO of ComputerWare, the first all-Apple computer retail chain.
His fascination with other cultures led him to travel throughout Asia and live for extended periods of time in Japan and India.
Rammurti came to Ananda in 1977 and has been a minister since 1983. While living at Ananda Village he served as cook, gardener, high school teacher, theatrical and choir director, singer and manager of Ananda Recordings. In 2005, he was called to Gurgaon, India by Swami Kriyananda where he ran Ananda Sangha Publications.
Currently, he serves as Lightbearer and minister for Ananda Los Angeles.