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Ananda Yoga brings yoga back to its original spiritual essence

Exercise and stress relief are only the beginning; the higher purpose of Ananda Yoga practice is to uplift your consciousness. To accomplish that, you’ll work not only withyour body, but also with Pranayama (breathing and energy-control techniques), Affirmations, Yogic meditation techniques, and Applied yoga philosophy.

“When you practice the yoga postures, remember that you are not practicing merely a system of calisthenics. You are practicing what might be called ‘meditation in action’: movement meditation, as if you were doing almost a kind of spiritual dance. Remember, this is not sports. You don’t jump into a pose and jump out of it. The way you get into and out of a pose is almost as important as the pose itself. It helps to create a mood, a state of consciousness. Your state of consciousness while doing the poses is a very, very important part of the poses. Because finally speaking, these poses are intended to change your whole being. And that being is a radiation outward from within. What you are within, that you will be without.”

All are welcome, including those brand new to yoga postures.
Donation based.