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SAINTS: Those Who Walked With God
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St. Francis of Assisi

Yogananda used to refer to Saint Francis as his patron saint. He loved him for his joy and childlike simplicity. Saint Francis is considered by many to be the most perfect of all Christian saints. Like Christ, his spiritual magnetism was sufficient to be projected over the centuries providing support for and influencing true seekers even today.

Swami Kriyananda, too, has found enormous inspiration from this beautiful saint.
“Feeling the divine sweetness of Saint Francis in my meditation, I wondered: How is it possible for anyone to be so utterly sweet? And then the answer came: By never judging anyone; by being from one’s heart a brother or a sister to all; by complete humility — but above all by never judging.”

SAINTS: Those Who Walked With God
The saints are sources of inspiration and truth for all who are on a spiritual path. Each one was directly guided by the Divine and expressed in their unique way God’s love for us and the world. In these five weeks we will examine the lives of five saints: Saint Francis, Ramakrishna, Saint Lynn (Rajarsi Janakananda), Sister Gyanamata and Kamala Silva. Come join us in this celebration of divine realization and be uplifted by their stories of discipleship and selfless service to God.

Presenter: Frank Villalvazo

This event is free, but donations are gratefully accepted

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